Dec 22 2014

Go for Broke!


First produced in 1965, Go for Broke was a board game that came as a direct response to Monopoly. Instead of making money in this game though, the object is to lose it all, as you might have gathered from the name of the game. Given a theme of being in a casino, you play …

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Dec 18 2014

Blurble Video Review


Blurble is the new, exciting, and hilarious card game that is great for just about any crowd. With 300 different hand-drawn images, you’ll have hours of entertainment every time you play, and the game will never be played the same way twice. Play with a friend while you’re waiting for the bus or invite a …

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Dec 18 2014

Dice Crawl Video Review

dice crawl

Dice Crawl is a quick, fun dungeon-crawling tile game for 1 to 4 players. Players take on the roles of mercenary captains racing to get their team of adventurers to the center of the dungeon, while other captains try to do the same thing.
Dice Crawl comes with 48 interchangeable tiles, including 4 races, 4 classes, …

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Dec 17 2014

Dead Apocalypse Video Review

dead apocalypse

Dead Apocalypse is one of the first fully cooperative deckbuilding games of strategic survival, set during a present day zombie apocalypse. Staying alive is your only goal in this game, and you must work with your allies to search for human survivors, abandoned locations, and lifesaving equipment to fend off the zombie horde. Teamwork is …

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Nov 30 2014

Hoyuk Board Game Video review


Imagine yourself some 10,000 years ago in the Middle East.
Your clan has left the ancient nomadic life and settled with four other clans in the valley. The community has repeatedly succeeded in harvesting crops, and some families are getting better at raising animals; next moon will see the birth of a new generation of …

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Nov 28 2014

Torn Armor Video Review


TAKEN BY COMPANY: Torn Armor is a fantasy squad-based tactical miniatures board game for 2-4 players. Based in the mythical World of Torn, it presents the lore, races, people, heroes, and history to players through the use of game-play scenarios. The core set focuses on the conflicts between two factions:
The Sisk Empire: an expansionist society, …

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Nov 28 2014

The Sealed Ark Video Review



Nov 27 2014

V Commandos Video Preview Co-Op WW2 Game

v commandos

Note: the game’s development is nearly completed, we’ve entered the polishing phase. This Kickstarter campaign seeks your help to complete the expansions and produce the game.

Nov 27 2014

Livestock Uprising Video Review

livestock uprising

Livestock Uprising is a tactical resource management game in which you harvest farmland, marshal animal armies, and battle for control of the farm. Each player takes control of one of the four animal factions: pigs, goats, cows, or chickens. Each faction has its own barn and special attributes that impact gameplay.
Each faction has three Generals …

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Nov 26 2014

The Spoils TCG Video Review

spoils card game

The Spoils, a card game first released in 2006 by Tenacious Games, taps into other card games such as Magic: The Gathering and Magi-Nation for some of its gameplay mechanisms, but the game is uniquely its own. You start the game with a figurehead or faction card in play that determines how you begin your …

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