Nov 20 2014

Conquest of Orion Video Review

orion game

ORION – yours to conquer. Once just a distant constellation, Orion is now being explored and colonized. Will you lead your alliance to victory or suffer defeat at the hands of your enemies?
Conquest of Orion is a team-based card game played over several rounds of conflicts. For each conflict, players play a single card and …

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Nov 20 2014

Dice Masters Video Review by Board to Death TV

dice master

Marvel Dice Masters: Uncanny X-Men is a collectible dice-building tabletop game designed by Quarriors! creators Michael Elliott and Eric M. Lang.
In this game — which features Wolverine, Magneto, Cyclops, Iceman, Psylocke, the Sentinels and more — each player fields a superhero team, with each hero being represented by custom-tooled dice; each team must be composed …

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Nov 20 2014

12 Realms Video Review

12 realms

Siegfried, Snow White, D’Artagnan, Red Riding Hood, and the other heroes of the twelve realms are being reunited for one last great adventure. The Dark Lords have joined forces to completely conquer and subjugate all the known Lands, and only the combined efforts of all the greatest heroes can halt their nefarious plan.
12 Realms is …

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Nov 13 2014

Zeppelin Attack Video Review

zeppelin attack

Take over the world in Zeppelin Attack, a deck building game set in the world of Evil Hat Productions’ Spirit of the Century. You play villainous masterminds bent on world domination. To win, you must build a powerful deck of Zeppelin cards, weapons, defenses and operatives, and then use these to fight your opponent’s Zeppelins. …

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Nov 05 2014

In the City: Origins Video Review

in the city origins

The king has died! To save the city from usurpers, you must use guile, stealth, and cunning to outwit your enemies. Shifting alliances, unreliable partners, and devious opponents all complicate your path to the throne. Manipulate aristocrats, generals, and ignoble citizenry as you seize the crown and save your city.
In the drafting-style game In the …

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Nov 02 2014

Fortunata Video Review


Each player starts the game with a Mouse and a Bee plus an equal share of the sixteen unique characters. Each character has a unique power which is defined on its card.
Pieces start off the board and are brought onto the board as the game progresses. The pieces maneuver, trying to grab the Gold Ring …

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Oct 31 2014

Dust Tactics Video Review (Miniatures Games)

Dust Tactics Review

Get ready to fight the war anew! The Dust Tactics: Revised Core Set is the perfect introduction for new players or a great expansion for veterans. It includes all new, never-before-released miniatures exclusive to this Core Set, an updated and comprehensive rulebook, the “Victory Bridge” scenario book, six custom dice, two double-sided terrain posters (each …

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Oct 16 2014

Lost Legends Board Game Review

lost legends

Lost Legends is a fantasy card game by Mike Elliott that combines a streamlined Euro game design and card drafting with an interesting fantasy theme and battle mechanic. Players take on the role of heroes trying to assemble an arsenal of equipment in order to vanquish a series of monsters that they will encounter.
The game …

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Oct 15 2014

Abyss Board Game Review


The Abyss power is once again vacant, so the time has come to get your hands on the throne and its privileges. Use all of your cunning to win or buy votes in the Council. Recruit the most influential Lords and abuse their powers to take control of the most strategic territories. Finally, impose yourself …

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Oct 10 2014

Sheriff of Nottingham Video Review

sheriff of nottingham

Prince John is coming to Nottingham! Players, in the role of merchants, see this as an opportunity to make quick profits by selling goods in the bustling city during the Prince’s visit. However, players must first get their goods through the city gate, which is under the watch of the Sheriff of Nottingham. Should you …

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