Assyria Board Game Video Review

Rio Grande Games

What’s Cool:

  • Nice Production Quality.
  • Many different ways of winning victory points.
  • Great theme and setting.
  • Very strategic.
  • Good player interaction.
  • Nice rulebook with examples.

What’s Not:

  • The highest dignitary is a little too powerful.

Neutral Information:

  • Different playing area according to the number of players.

User Ratings:

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Overall User Ratings:

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    • Gruumsh on October 12, 2011 at 1:40 AM

    This boardtodeath video helped me decide to buy the game, and it won’t be the first time. Definitely no regrets there! However, I noticed a few discrepancies between the vid and the rules (based on my printed English rules which match what’s available as a PDF from RioGrandeGames website…

    1) The first hut on a river earns three camels… further huts on the same river earn two. In your example, three huts on the same river would earn 7 camels, not 6. Seems like no big deal at first, but it means a maximum income of 10 camels is possible with only 4 huts, 2 on each river.

    2) It looks like you’re moving huts off the food icons and making them “unfed” only during the flood phase? Shouldn’t this be at the end of every turn?

    3) It sounds like you were using dignitaries to score points directly? The way you explained dignitary scoring doesn’t seem to match what’s in my rulebook. It sounds like you said huts on a dignitary “score points” (victory points?) and then determine bonus VP from the expansion cards based on who has the most huts on the dignitaries. The rulebook (English version) seems to say that the points on the dignitaries (per hut) are “influence points” used only to determine who scores VP for the expansion cards, with the number of huts being a tie-breaker only, not determining who gets the expansion card VP. This might explain why you thought the top dignitary was too powerful?

    4) Why are you reversing the turn order discs when moving them back up from the food track? I can’t find that anywhere in the rules, and it doesn’t match the example on page 3.

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  1. I’m not sure that this is different enough from some of my other games, such as Stone Age, to warrant a purchase. But I’ll play a round with you guys anytime.

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  2. Great review as usual! Game gives me a Tikal vibe but throw in the camels and I feel like I’m traveling “Through the Desert”… I may have to check this one out! Eurogame goodness ;)

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