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What’s Cool:

  • You get extra markers.
  • Good quality boards and erasers.
  • Easy rules and fun for everyone.
  • Each card has 4 languages to choose from.
  • Great Party game.
  • Lots of cards to play with.

What’s Not:

  • It’s not a very original concept.
  • Been done in other games. Example: Cranium.
  • If your team’s artist is doing a bad job, you can look at the other teams drawing to get the answer!

Neutral Information:

  • You will need to buy extra markers eventually.

User Ratings:

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  1. An Absurd Review

    Backseat Drawing

    Backseat Drawing is a party game for 4-8 players.

    Brief Overview

    In Backseat Drawing, all players are split into two teams. In each round the teams select a director(someone who gives instructions) and an artist(someone who follows the instructions). The director of each team gets to see a card(the same card). During the round, each director has to explain how to draw the object that is on the card to their artist. Anyone, besides the director, can guess what the object is. The first team to guess correctly wins the round and card. The first team to win 7 rounds(cards) is the winner.

    If the word is telephone, couldn’t I just say draw a telephone?

    No! This is what the director can mention:

    Basics- “Draw” and “erase.”
    Shapes- Dot, line, square, rectangle.
    Location and direction- Left, right, up down, inside, outside.
    Size and number- three, fewer, longer, inches, half.
    Arrow- Arrows can be mentioned to point at a specific part of the drawing.

    This is what the director cannot mention:

    Clues- Any clues on the answer or any object in the picture.
    Letters- Letters to spell out words(T-shape is allowed).

    What’s to like?

    It is a great social game.

    This game can hold a lot of people. The box says 4-8, but it is possible to play way more than 8.

    The game has three different roles. People directing, drawing or just guessing. This is good as some people may prefer to do one over the others. Or all three! No one is tied to any role.

    This is a pretty tense game for a party game. Both teams are rushing to get the answer.

    This is also a pretty competitive game for a party game.

    The winning conditions can be changed. If people are looking for a shorter game, make the amount of rounds won shorter. Or do the opposite for a longer game. For a more competitive game, use street basketball rules and a team has to win by two.

    The replayability without extra cards is really nice. The cards can be used over and over because people will never explain how to draw a picture the same way. It is rare that two people playing director and artist will get the same card in the same roles. On top of this, people can just make up their own objects to draw as well. This can get really creative.

    What’s not to like?

    I think this game needs at least 8 people. With 6 people it’s not as fun with only 2 people guessing per team. Getting 8 people isn’t very easy.


    So far, this is my favorite party game. It is hard to bring out because I feel it needs at least 8 people to be fun. I also enjoy the game when teams are even. But when it does come out, it is always enjoyable. For a social party game, it is very competitive and tense.

    What to do now…

    Play it!

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