Black Stories Video Review

Valet de Coeur

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What’s Cool:

  • Great Urban Legends.
  • Some stories go well with the theme of the game. (Dark, creepy, and gloomy)
  • Can be played anywhere… well maybe not in church.
  • 50 Stories to try to figure out.
  • Very portable, it’s a deck of cards. (Yet big enough to enjoy)
  • The author’s picture looks like a mug shot, even more creepiness!

What’s Not:

  • Not ALL stories are creepy, like it’s written on the box.
  • Not all cards are solvable, “Disater Ahead” is one example. If the players never played Monopoly, they will never figure this one out.

Neutral Information:

  • After playing a couple of games, you will know most of the answers.

User Ratings:

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    • Theoloc on June 18, 2010 at 5:17 PM

    It is indeed a great game. Light and fun to play!
    It can really spice up your coffee breaks and the meetings with your friends!

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  1. great game to play on a relaxing night. its
    like being a private investigator. weird situations
    and stuff which makes the game so much better!
    i think some are based on reallife events and
    urban legends. 8/10 for sure!

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