Our videos are played on the following sites: (Maximum Exposure)

  • Board Game Geek
  • Tabletop Gaming News
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Patreon


We Offer the following ways for you to advertise using Board to Death TV.

In video Pre-roll Advertising: We can place your LOGO & WEBSITE at the start of a video review. Since our videos can be embedded by other sites, you are getting the maximum exposure from the video. Your pre-roll AD will be forever edited into to that video review.

Preview Video: We can produce a preview video of your board game. (These do not have a review at the end of them, they are mostly used as tutorial and exposure)

On Site Advertising: You can advertise on our website.

(We have spaces on the Sidebar and on the Partner Page or/and Buy Games Page)

Review Video: We can produce a video review of your game.


For info on any of these, contact us at


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