Change The “Continue Reading” Text to Something else (Graphene Theme WordPress)

10 Easy Steps to Change “CONTINUE READING” button text for Graphene WordPressTheme:

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Hello, I decided to make this post because it took me 2 days to find out how, and wished there was a step by step online but I could not find any, so I wrote it myself, hope this helps. If you want to change the “Continue Reading” Text to something else, follow these steps:

EXAMPLE: I changed “Continue Reading” to “Watch Video Review” on my website:



1 – From WordPress Dashboard click on Appearance

2-  Click on Editor

3- On the right side, look for a file called LOOP and click on it (Might be under the INC tab so click on INC first)

4- Click anywhere on the writing of that file and then press Ctrl-F to open a search bar above.

5- In the search bar, type: Continue Reading – and press enter.

6- Find them. You will see those words highlighted in yellow, should look something like this:


if ( ! function_exists( ‘graphene_continue_reading_link’ ) ) :
* Returns a “Continue Reading” link for excerpts
* Based on the function from the Twenty Ten theme
* @since Graphene 1.0.8
* @return string “Continue Reading” link
function graphene_continue_reading_link() {
global $graphene_in_slider;
if ( ! is_page() && ! $graphene_in_slider ) {
$more_link_text = __( ‘Continue Reading »’, ‘graphene’ );
return ‘</p><p><a class=”more-link btn” href=”‘ . get_permalink() . ‘”>’ . $more_link_text . ‘</a>’;


7- Change the Continue Reading (in red above) to anything you want.

8- Click on UPDATE FILE at the bottom to save.

9- Go to your home page and see if it worked.

10 – Click on the button to make sure it works!

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Thank you!



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