Cowboys Video Review

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What’s Cool:

  • You get six reversible tiles, that can also be used in other games.
  • Fast paced and strategic.
  • There are 10  characters and legendary names in the game.
  • It comes with an extra booklet with over 25 scenarios to play
  • You can mount horses and duck for cover.
  • The deck of special cards can also be used to play classic card games.

What’s Not:

  • Setting up a scenario can take a while.
  • The cowboy track sheets are flimsy.
  • The base of the cowboys are almost the same color for both teams.
  • The base of the cowboy will damage your cardboard pieces.
  • Whoever is rolling good, will win the game.

Neutral Information:

  • It’s mostly a two player game or  played with two teams.

User Ratings:

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  1. “Mush!”
    “Someone should shoot you in the leg.”

    The review was much more entertaining than the game seemed to be.

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    • ja on January 11, 2010 at 3:49 PM

    this game is extremely basic.
    You move or shoot, thats about it. Most of the time cowboys get into showdowns anyway, so there isn’t much strategy.

    not a fan
    5 on 10

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