Dead Apocalypse Video Review


dead apocalypseDead Apocalypse is one of the first fully cooperative deckbuilding games of strategic survival, set during a present day zombie apocalypse. Staying alive is your only goal in this game, and you must work with your allies to search for human survivors, abandoned locations, and lifesaving equipment to fend off the zombie horde. Teamwork is the key to victory, for if you can’t trust your fellow players none of you will reach the CDC… alive!

Dead Apocalypse is a fully cooperative deckbuilding game, meaning all players strive for the same goal and either win together or lose together. Players will begin the game with the same starting decks consisting of a handful of survivors, a base camp location and some equipment. Players will take turns playing their hand to gain damage, occupy locations, use abilities and cure infections. Gaining damage allows the player to defeat ghastly Zombies who are protecting invaluable equipment, or surrounding a location, or even trapping other survivors. Once a Zombie is defeated, add the resources to your personal deck to be used for another turn. Though don’t think Zombies will go down without a fight. The Zombie stack of cards holds surprise attack events which will force a player to have to defeat Zombies that match the type of event. If a player does not have the sufficient resources to defeat all Zombies, other players have the opportunity to assist in combat to help even the odds!

Dead Apocalypse is 1-4 players so if there isn’t someone in your company you still have the opportunity to try to fight for survival all alone. Don’t fret though because there are other game variants for those seeking an easier game or a more competitive game.

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