Fortunata Video Review

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FortunataEach player starts the game with a Mouse and a Bee plus an equal share of the sixteen unique characters. Each character has a unique power which is defined on its card.
Pieces start off the board and are brought onto the board as the game progresses. The pieces maneuver, trying to grab the Gold Ring and carry it to the edge of the board. The first player to end a turn with one of their pieces wearing the Gold Ring on the edge of the board wins!






Rule Book
Character Reference Guide
5 Quick Reference Cards
16 Character Cards
Pentagonal Game Board
26 Spherical Game Pieces
5 Mouse Pieces
5 Bee Pieces
16 Unique Character Pieces
35 Base Rings
7 Blue
7 Green
7 Red
7 Pink
7 Orange
5 Iron Rings
1 Gold Ring

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