Portable Galactic Empire Video Review

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What’s Cool:

  • Retro look. (Do not judge it by its cover)
  • Feels like you’re really in control of a Galactic Empire.
  • Great reference cards for each player.
  • Find planets, get its resources, build on it, and invade other players.
  • Great fun for people who enjoy galactic battles and management.
  • Colors are used to help you with reference points.

What’s Not:

  • There is no real artwork, but it keeps the game clean and easy to follow.
  • The game does NOT come with tokens (You need to supply tokens, and lots of them)
  • You will also need to get more dice, the game only comes with two.

Neutral Information:

  • Can take up a lot of room.

User Ratings:

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  1. the artwork certainly isnt great but this game is very very strategic (sort of like space politics)
    so i feel that maybe if the artwork was too artsy then it would be too confusing. especially when
    you end up with 2-3-4-5 galaxies.
    its a really really fun game especially if ure into strategic games. and this one is
    different cuz instead of the classic world issues, you have to build like science univerity,
    space shuttles, population planets, etc. It can get reallly competitive though. it takes
    a little while to get used to the gameplay (like i suggest doing a short (like 15 mins) game
    so that everyone understands it. then once u get the ball rolling… its awesome.

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