Monster Chase Video Review

scorpion masque

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What’s Cool:

  • Kids learn memorizing.
  • Cute Monster artwork.
  • Difficulty setting of the game can be changed.

Neutral Information:

  • Some Monsters resemble famous ones from movies.

User Ratings:

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Overall User review:

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  1. Cute and clever game !
    a co-op memory game with a twist… my 5 years old daughter is an absolute fan !

  2. Cute and easy to learn and play. Very good choice.

  3. PUHAHAHAHA! That was brilliant! I’ve seen most of your reviews (excepting only 5 others as of this one), and while I’ve liked the reviews, I’ve usually thought the skits at the beginning were so-so. But this one, with Michaela doing her little bit towards the end of the skit was absolutely fantastic!

    The review was brilliant. Once I have kids I’ll probably look into this game. :)

  4. Click on the Banner above the Video review.

    • LoMa on March 2, 2010 at 2:27 PM

    Where can one buy this game? I can;t find it anywhere!!!???!!!

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