Neuroshima Hex Board Game Video Review

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What’s Cool:

  • The army summary boards are awesome.
  • A lot of strategy and randomness combined.
  • Comes with extra expansions.
  • The battle system is innovative.
  • Easy to teach and fairly fast paced.
  • Nice rulebook with good examples.

What’s Not:

  • The artworks on the board isn’t great.
  • The rulebook has a mistake regarding ranged and melee triangle.
  • Shuffling the tiles and making a deck is annoying.

Neutral Information:

  • The Battles can take up time to complete.

User Ratings:

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Overall User Ratings:

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  1. A brainburner… highly frustrating yet addictive… it’s always grieving to discard a tile !
    The chain reactions can be amazing.
    I love the artwork of the game.
    The game is also available on ipad and android.

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    • Rashley on August 5, 2010 at 6:07 AM

    Cracking game! Very inovative. Set up time is negligible and games can be over in 30 mins. The original 4 factions all play very differently and the expansion Babel 13 added 2 more interesting factions plus a campaign game using terrain tiles. This game works on many levels, whether you like quick, 1 off games, or longer, more involved campaigns. Very little difference between the Polish version and Z-Mans. 9 out of 10.

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  2. I’m really suprised. This game was made in Poland, by MichaƂ Oracz, and I play it very often.
    But our (Polish) version doesn’t have summary boards at all!
    So Your english version is better. That is not fair :)
    (the “Melee mistake” You say is because of translation I think)

    But game is awasome and very popular here.
    (btw. Neuroshima RPG is even more famous)

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    • Jasly on June 1, 2010 at 3:32 PM

    Seems to me I overplayed the online version. The game is good but my wife didn’t like the theme so I decided not to buy it.

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  3. Great game, but you may not want to bring it out amongst the analysis paralysis prone, especially if you’re playing with 5 or 6 with the Babel 13 expansion.

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  4. I don’t play too many hex games, looks fun and interesting to play. Your review didn’t cover what the tiles beyond the central area are used for. Possibly the expansion?

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  5. Loved it! The rules seem pretty innovative and I really liked the theme. As mentioned by Kantpaper above, the game board looks busy, indeed. But, it seems a small issue to this apparently great game

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  6. The game board looks super busy. I bet it takes some time to get used the visual aspects of the game.

    With that said, I’m gonna more into this game. The variety of special abilities appears rich and I would like to know about them. I don’t have a game in my collection that fits this mold; so if I like what I see with some more looking around this one might find a home. But we’ll have to see.

    Thanks guys!

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