Celestia Board Game Video Review

In Celestia, a revamped version of Cloud 9, you board an aircraft with a team of adventurers to perform many trips through the cities of Celestia and recover their wonderful treasures. Your journey will not be safe, but you will attempt to be the richest adventurer by collecting the most precious treasures!
At the beginning of …

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The Foreign King Board Game Video Review

Incited by the economic and political interests of the bourgeoisie, a liberal regime of monarchy was constituted in Belgium on 1830 gaining the independence from the United Kingdom of the Netherlands.
The Congress of the new fragile Kingdom called the German Prince Leopold of Saxe Coburg and Saafeld to occupy the Throne: the first Belgian King, …

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Mare Nostrum Board Game Video Review

The ancient Romans called the Mediterranean Sea “mare nostrum”, which is Latin for “our sea”.
Mare Nostrum is an empire-building game in which 3-5 players [or 2-6 with the ‘Atlas’ expansion] lead their individual ancient empires to dominion of Mare Nostrum. You grow the fame and glory of your empire by expanding your influence into new …

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Wolf and Hound Board Game Video Review

You are a shepherd in the French Alps where wolves are becoming a problem, chasing your sheep away from your pasture. It is up to your reliable hound to go find your lost sheep and bring them back!
Wolf & Hound is a partnership card game of protecting your flock of sheep from hungry wolves. Each …

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Heroes of Kaskaria Board Game Video Review

Evil trolls have stolen the treasure of the ancestors and the magical tribal amulet, now the Kaskarians fear the wrath of their ancestors. Brave heroes immediately set off with flying scaled griffins and fast cliff runners to reach the trolls’ lair which lies at the bottom of the volcanic crater. The hero who plays their …

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The Networks Board Game Video Review

In The Networks, you and your opponents are new television networks, and you need new programming. For this, you’ll need Shows, Stars, and Ads.
Shows need Stars and Ads. Stars give you bonus viewers (points), and Ads give you extra money. You’ll need everything you can get; you’ll have a small amount of resources and time, …

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Into the Echoside Board Game Video review

Into the Echoside features game play and a theme that is unique to any other deck building game. It includes everything you need to play including a game board, 12-sided die, rulebook and over 220 cards that pay homage to everything Juggalos love. There are 6 different types of cards in the game (Dark Carnival, …

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Mission to Mars Board Game Review

Do you have a strategy for colonizing Mars faster than anyone else?
Mission to Mars 2049 is a strategic family board game in which players build colonies on Mars in a race to reach the planet’s North Pole. Acquire resources, go on missions, build bases, resource stations, laboratories and roads and finally the game-winning water extraction …

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Tumult Royale Board Game Video

Description from the publisher:
Tensions are high all across the lands. The royals erect statue after statue while their loyal subjects starve. But this time, the peasants have had enough. There are whispers of a revolution. Calls for an uprising ring out and the kingdom is thrown into a tumult. Down with the king! Take that, …

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Expo 1906 Board Game Video Review

Milan, early 20th century, the city is in turmoil as more than 200 new buildings are rushed to being completed in time for welcoming the best minds of the planet. The 1906 Universal Exposition is approaching and, as one of the 40 exhibiting nations, you are confident that your engineers and scientists will impress the …

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