Tesla vs. Edison: Powering Up! Preview Video

The Powering Up! expansion takes Tesla vs. Edison gameplay to a whole new level by infusing exciting new systems and introducing both a sixth player and a solitaire variant! Fans of the game will delight in exploring:
Building a headquarters. What is a good electric company without state-of-the-art facilities such as a laboratory, works, office, and …

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Area 1851 Board Game Review

In Area 1851, you are one of the area’s top five Tinkerers and you’re looking to prove your grit to the citizens of this Wild West town.
Each turn, players have to deal with and negotiate random events in the area, then continue the turn under those circumstances, by drawing Tinker cards to fill their hand …

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Booze Barons Video Review

Booze Barons is a quick, team-based hidden identity and deduction game set during U.S. Prohibition where you are bootlegging a particular type of booze and secretly delivering it to speakeasies all over the city. Each time you make a delivery, you get a coin, but also reveal information about the type of booze you are …

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Let Them Eat Shrimp Board Game review

Swim, spawn, and eat shrimp while avoiding sharks! In Let Them Eat Shrimp!, players place fish tiles (in various geometric shapes) in an effort to spawn (by covering fish eggs on the board) and receive more fish tiles. The fish can also eat shrimp (to gain victory points) and must avoid sharks (which will eat …

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Aether Captains Video Review

Aether Captains is a steampunk themed, scenario-based, asymmetric board game for 1-5 players.
One player commands the mighty naval zeppelins of the Grand Compact: Dauntless and Dominion. As Commander, you have been tasked by the Emperor to defend the Grand Compact and Arkady from the merciless sky pirates. With your staunch crew of steam welders, engineers, …

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Stockpile Board Game Review

Stockpile is an economic board game that combines the traditional stockholding strategy of buy low, sell high with several additional mechanisms to create a fast-paced, engaging and interactive experience.
In Stockpile, players act as stock market investors at the end of the 20th century hoping to strike it rich, and the investor with the most money …

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Good Cop Bad Cop Undercover Preview Video

In the second expansion to Good Cop Bad Cop, you are leaving your badge and uniform at home as you go undercover as a common criminal to get to the bottom of who’s honest and who’s crooked around here. Good luck!
In Good Cop Bad Cop, your identity is determined by 3 cards in front of …

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Cosmic Run Board Game Video Review

The year is 2123 and the planet earth is becoming uninhabitable. New powers of interstellar travel make it possible for earthlings to find a new home. Competing teams of human explorers use space stations spread throughout the universe as bases for discovering new worlds and befriending aliens to help them in their quest. Explorer teams …

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Sector Prime Game Preview

Sector Prime is a fast paced 4X board game using a balanced dice rolling mechanic that avoids a runaway winner and also keeps the game exciting and balanced right to the end. The unique design of the tiles provides a completely new game board each time, requiring players to adapt the strategies each time they …

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Zombie Tower 3D Board Game – Video Preview

The year is 20XX, a mysterious object fell from outer space. Not long after, zombie outbursts have been reported all around the world!!
In Zombie Tower 3D, you will play as a one of the characters trapped inside a building crawling with zombies. Working with your teammates, you must try to evacuate the building before it …

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