Zombie Tower 3D Board Game – Video Preview

The year is 20XX, a mysterious object fell from outer space. Not long after, zombie outbursts have been reported all around the world!!
In Zombie Tower 3D, you will play as a one of the characters trapped inside a building crawling with zombies. Working with your teammates, you must try to evacuate the building before it …

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Monarch Board Game Video Review

In Monarch you play as an heir to the throne. Your mother, the Queen, has lived out her years and will soon pass on the crown. The time has come for you and your siblings to demonstrate your intelligence, compassion, bravery, and strength as leaders. Out perform your siblings to demonstrate your ingenuity and strength. …

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Sol: Last Days of a Star Video review

The Sun is dying
In recent years, the Sun has become increasingly unstable, to the point where experts claim it could go supernova at any moment. The various inhabitants of the planets in this solar system are launching one last effort to save themselves, which involves building a final Ark to propel a small selection of …

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Food Fighters Video Review

Food fighters is a fun and light two-player battle game – each player controls a team of foods trying to win a food fight against the opposing team. First player to knock out three matching foods from the other team wins!
You and your opponent each control a faction of fighting foods. On your turn, you …

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Heroes Wanted: The Stuff of Legend Video Review

A dark cloud looms over Zeta City, one that speaks with a forked tongue and tells of ill omens and other generally bad stuff. In the wake of the retirement of Fastodon, the World’s Fastest Mammoth, all manner of foul evil has emerged to wreak havoc. From sinister deities once relegated to myth …

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Street Kings FUNDED! Coming Summer 2016!

Kickstarter Street Kings

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Dark Age Z Video Review

In the ancient world, kingdoms fought for control of medieval earth. For decades, fierce wars broke out and in combat after combat, deaths tolled thousands, in battles and massacres with no sign of peace. In one of these battles, the sky suddenly roared and the earth broke open abruptly, unleashing countless swarms of zombies …

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Fool’s Gold Video Review

Fool’s Gold takes place during the gold rush of 1849. Players are investors who send prospectors on a quest to find gold at various locations — in the mountains, in a forest, at a river, etc. — with each location having perils, gems, quantities of gold and bountiful supplies of silt. As players remove valuable …

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Outer Earth Video Review

In the near future, both rapid space exploration and terraforming technology have opened a new science field allowing mankind to explore, discover and terraform planets for habitation.
Players manage a planetary development company and compete in the planet auction market for the developing rights of these newly explored planets.
Once acquired, players will have to strategically develop …

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Eternal Dynasty Video Review

Eternal Dynasty is a game for 2-5 players with elements of territory control, worker placement, and political maneuvering.
Each game consists of a number of Generations equal to the number of players, with each Generation consisting of several rounds of play. At the beginning of each Generation, players will select a Ruler who will have …

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