Cthulhu Realms Video Review

In Cthulhu Realms, each player tries to reduce their opponents to insanity or have more sanity than their opponents when the deck runs out.
Each player starts the game with a small deck comprised of initiates, goons and followers. Five cards from the deck form a row of available cards on the table; with more …

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Hangtown Board Game Review

In January of 1848, an event occurred which changed the face of the west—gold was discovered on the American River in California. News spread around the world and the era of the 49’ers began. Thousands of young people left their farms and homes to make their fortunes out west.
As these pioneers swarmed to California, hundreds …

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Rum And Bones Video Review

Avast ye pirates! Gather your crews and set sail for adventure on the high seas in Rum & Bones!
Based on online MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) style games, Rum & Bones has 2-6 players taking control of legendary pirate heroes, each with unique powers and abilities, as their crews fight over Davy Jones’ legendary treasure!
Players …

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The World of Smog – On Her Majesty’s Service Video

Set in the fantastic steampunk The World of Smog created by Panache Animation, On Her Majesty’s Service is a stylish board game for two to four competing players. You’ll need to navigate the rotating tiles that make up the game board, trading Ethers and Artefacts in order to fulfill the quest set by Queen Victoria, …

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Avarium Video Review

Description from the publisher:
In the Japanese high school-themed battle board game Avarium Academy, each player assumes the role of one of Avarium Academy’s eight unique Idols and tries to win the game by:
Completing their Idol’s win condition,
Having the most merit points at the end of the game, or
Expelling all other Idols from the school to …

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Clockwork Kingdom Video Review

Clockwork Kingdom is a game in which each player takes the role of a lord attempting to claim the throne in the wake of the king’s death. To start the game, each player has a small army of loyal steam-powered automatons to do their bidding. Each player must choose where to send his servants, whether …

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Queen of the Hill Preview Video

KICKSTARTER LINK: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1898315323/queen-of-the-hill

This game will be launching on KICKSTARTER on Nov 3rd ’15 pending no delays. Follow us at www.medievalords.com
The extremely addicting and fun thing about games that push your luck is that one moment where you tell yourself this is the last card you will be taking… then you survive and you change your …

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Bright Future Board Game Video Review

Bright Future is a card driven lite-RPG adventure.
It is situated in an intriguing and immersive world where our civilization was destroyed after an all-out nuclear war. During the past decades the few remaining survivors are living a harsh life underground.
Some of them managed to salvage equipment and technology from the fallen civilization and tried to …

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Nautilus Industries Video Review

Nemo is gone, but his machines have opened a whole new world to us! The floors of Neptune’s seas lay open to us, ready to surrender their bounties. Equip and upgrade your mining machines, then guide them to the rich mineral seams beneath the ocean. Control the supply of resources to bend the market to …

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War band Board Game Video Review

Since the dawn of their civilizations, the great races of the Five Realms of Kholdrum, Shenaru, Ela’Vethera, Lorendale, and Zhoni have been engaged in complex relations with each other – allying and arguing, merging and dividing, loving and hating – as they each schemed and plotted to gain the upper hand over the others.
Then the …

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