Lords of War Card Game Review

Lords of War: Orcs versus Dwarves is a dual-deck strategic card game for two-plus players which sees fantasy races engage in dynamic, tactical card battles. Orcs versus Dwarves was the first Lords of War game to be released, in December 2012, at the Dragonmeet Game Fair in London. The game went on to win the …

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Concept Board Game Video Review

In Concept, your goal is to guess words through the association of icons. A team of two players – neighbors at the table – choose a word or phrase that the other players need to guess. Acting together, this team places pieces judiciously on the available icons on the game board. To get others to …

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Boss Monster + Expansion Video Review

Inspired by a love of classic video games, Boss Monster is a “dungeon-building” card game that pits 2-4 players in a competition to build the ultimate side-scrolling dungeon. Players compete to lure and destroy hapless adventurers, racing to outbid one another to see who can build the most enticing, treasure-filled dungeon. The goal of Boss …

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Ultimate Football Board Game Preview Video


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Titans Tactics Video Review

Titans Tactics is a fast-paced 2 player skirmish board game designed to deliver deep strategy in 30 minutes or less. Lead Factions of Dragons, Angels, Pirates, Monsters, or Undead Soldiers into battle against your opponent in a race to become the most powerful Titan. Factions contain six Champions, each with unique skills and abilities. Every …

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Lake Billy Card Game Video Review

There’s a huge floatin’ shin-dig happenin’ across the water. She’s gonna be elbow to elbow over there so we need to round up a bunch o’ boats, fill ’em with boozed-up locals, and get their asses over there before dock space is gone! Lakebilly is a rude and crude party’n game that is easy to …

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Castellan Video Review

In Castellan, two players work together to build a castle. Finely-detailed wall and tower pieces link together to form courtyards, and the player who finishes a courtyard claims it with a Keep, scoring points for that courtyard equal to the number of tower pieces surrounding it. In more detail, each player starts the game with two …

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Gravwell Board Game Video Review

In Gravwell: Escape from the 9th Dimension, players command spaceships that have been pulled through a black hole, transporting them into a different dimension. With each ship lacking fuel to get home, each player must collect basic elements from surrounding asteroids, using the gravity of the dimension and what little resources they have in order to …

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Shindig Machine Video Review

Shindig Machine is a series of collaborative storytelling games for 3-8 players. You work with (or against) the other players using a custom deck of striking black and white 108 cards to tell the future, slander fictitious politicians, diagnose rare diseases, and meddle with movies like a studio executive. Shindig Machine includes more than a dozen game …

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DC Comics Deck-Building Game: Heroes Unite

In the DC Comics Deck-Building Game: Heroes Unite, each player takes on the role of a Super Hero such as Shazam!, Hawkman, Red Tornado, Nightwing, Black Canary, Batgirl, or Booster Gold. Your Super Hero has an ability that will guide your strategy throughout the game. Each player starts with his own basic ten-card deck and …

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Game Developerz Card Game Preview Video

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Spartacus: The Serpents and the Wolf Expansion

Spartacus: The Serpents and the Wolf expands Gale Force Nine’s Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery with two new Houses, and adds new cunning Schemes, deadly Gladiators, and the vicious spectacle of team combat in the arena during the Primus! Two new Houses – the respected praetor, Varinius and the arrogant noble, Seppius – dramatically change the …

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Balance of Power Video Review

It is 1815 and the world has been turned upside down. Napoleon Bonaparte has finally been defeated after nearly conquering all of Europe through years of devastating warfare. Now the Great Powers must deal with the chaos left behind. As each nation eagerly tries to grow, a careful balance of governmental, military and economic interests …

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1812 – The Invasion of Canada Board Game Video

1812 – The Invasion of Canada The year is 1812. War is raging across Europe and Russia. Napoleon, emperor of France, is seeking to dominate Europe through conquest. France’s enemies, led by England, are engaged in a desperate struggle to defeat Napoleon. England, in dire need of men, is impressing men to serve in its …

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Fealty Board Game Review

The king has died with no clear successor! The players—potential heirs all—are scrambling to put together their power bases by dispatching trusted agents and allies to garner support across the breadth of the kingdom. Nobody wants open warfare, but some conflict is sure to break out. Fealty is a game of positioning and territory control. …

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Cutthroat Caverns Video Review

“Without teamwork, you will never survive. Without betrayal, you’ll never win.” Cutthroat Caverns is played over 9 rounds, each with a random encounter. Essentially a game of ‘kill stealing’. Each round, any monster encountered will have a prestige value of 1 through 6. The player that successfully jockeys for position and lands the killing blow …

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Shitenno Board Game review

The Shitennō are the four great Generals of the legendary Shogun Togukawa Ieyasu who unified Japan at the end of the 16th century. The players will play these loyal and famous samuraïs, with the goal of becoming the Shogun’s favorite by controlling as many provinces as possible. In Shitenno, you do not fight on the …

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Eaten by Zombies! Video Review

Description In the new game Eaten By Zombies! players strive to survive as the horde of the living dead make it their goal in Death to force you to join the crowd. You must work with or against the other survivors to be the last one standing. No not standing, cowering in the corner crying …

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Inkognito Board Game Video Review

The goal of each agent in Inkognito is to complete a mission, together with his partner. At the beginning of the game, however, players don’t know which mission they must fulfill! In the standard four-player game, each player guides one of four secret agents. The four characters are allied in pairs: Lord Fiddlebottom and Colonel Bubble are …

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Koryo Card Game Video Review

Koryŏ is a game based on an uchronian and politico-steampunk universe. Each turn, players simultaneously choose a family of politician from their hand, and play as many cards of this family as they have and wish to. Each family has a value ranging from 1 to 9, which indicates both the number of cards in the …

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The Manhattan Project Video Review

Global Power Struggle Begins Which nation will take the lead and become world’s dominant superpower? The Manhattan Project makes you the leader of a great nation’s atomic weapons program in a deadly race to build bigger and better bombs. You must assign your workers to multiple projects: building your bomb-making infrastructure, expending your military to …

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Kingdom Video Preview

KICKSTARTER VIDEO: Click HERE to download the Kingdom rules pdf. Also click here for Kingdom tournament rules and rankings. FREE “Lite” Kingdom print and play available here.    

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Guildhall: Job Faire Video review

Game description from the publisher: The not-so-Dark Ages is blowing up! Skilled workers clamor to get into your Guildhouse. Organize them into chapters and put them to work. Each additional worker you add to a chapter provides a bigger bonus to the workers you play in the future – but look out as your opponents …

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Lord of the Rings Deck Building Video Review

In The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Deck-Building Game, you take on the role of Frodo, Gandalf, Aragon or one of their brave and heroic allies in the struggle against the forces of the Dark Lord Sauron! While you begin armed only with basic combat maneuvers, you will add new, more …

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GLOOM – The Card Game Video Review

The world of Gloom is a sad and benighted place. The sky is gray, the tea is cold, and a new tragedy lies around every corner. Debt, disease, heartache, and packs of rabid flesh-eating mice—just when it seems like things can’t get any worse, they do. But some say that one’s reward in the afterlife …

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Ghost Stories & White Moon Video Review

Ghost Stories is a cooperative game in which the players protect the village from incarnations of the lord of hell – Wu-Feng – and his legions of ghosts before they haunt a town and recover the ashes that will allow him to return to life. Each Player represents a Taoist monk working together with the …

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True Blood – Night Eternal Video Review

In ancient times, immortal vampires played games with people’s lives and with real blood stakes. Now in card game form, no real blood will be spilled, but the strategy, tactics, and power-plays still abound. Based upon a game that exists in the True Blood universe, Night Eternal: The Game is a competitive card game of …

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Scurvy Dogs Board Game Video Review

It’s the golden age of piracy, where cutthroats and scurvy dogs sail the seas and raid villages in search of plunder. But before they run afoul with the local government, they must rush to pay the Governor and the King a hefty tax to go from pirate to privateer. Scurvy Dogs: Pirates and Privateers is …

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Kings of Artifice Video Review

Kings of Artifice is a strategy board game for 2 to 4 players. The game is played in a series of building rounds, followed by one final crowning round. Victory Points (VP) are awarded for building structures during the game as well as at the end. In each game, two special scoring cards are drawn …

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Zombicide / Prison OutBreak / Toxic City Mall

Season 2: Prison Outbreak takes the players to an indoor environment with vicious close-ranged fights, Prison Outbreak contains all the needed material for a new player to enter the Zombicide universe, and lots of content, almost all new, for an existing Zombicide player to expand his game experience. In fact, Prison Outbreak holds even more …

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Zeppeldrome Preview Video

Zeppeldrome, set in a steam punk style world, is a puzzle and screw-your-neighbor game with a hazardous, modular board; and cards that are used to help you or mess with your opponents as they race to be the first to travel the length of the airship raceway.   A humorous, puzzle, screw-your-neighbor game with a …

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Speedy Recall Video review

Shuffle up the cards and get ready to shuffle through your head! Quick! What’s a movie that starts with R? A fruit that starts with M? A book character… P?! Put the Letter Cards in one stack, the Category Cards in another, and fast — Flip over both top cards! A thousand different possible category …

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Eternas Game Video Review

Eternas is a fun new 3-dimensional strategy game of four in a row. The rules and concepts are simple enough to appeal to kids from 6 to 96 yeas of age. But, don’t let the simplicity fool you. While Eternas is quick and easy to learn, there is a depth of strategy that will keep …

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Faux-Cabulary Video Review

In Faux•Cabulary, players create new words for descriptions that lack appropriate nomenclature by using randomly drawn “word segment” dice included in the game. Each round, one player is the Wordmeister while the other players draw three word cubes at random from the box. The Wordmeister reads a Faux•Cabulary card out loud, e.g., “The compulsion to …

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Cross Ways Board Game Review

In CrossWays players want to be the first to build a path of their pieces from one side of the game board to the opposite side, but to build they need to use the cards they draw and have in hand. On a turn, a player can lay down a single card (e.g., a red …

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Straw Card Game Review

Straw is a light-hearted family card game that takes place in the world of Arabian Nights. In Straw, you try to pack as many items as you can on top of a camel without breaking its back. If you can’t, you lose the round – but other players must be careful not to load the …

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Once Upon A Time Video Review

Once Upon A Time is a game in which the players create a story together, using cards that show typical elements from fairy tales. One player is the Storyteller and creates a story using the ingredients on her cards. She tries to guide the plot towards her own ending. The other players try to use cards …

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Agent Hunter Video Review

In Agent Hunter, two players act as rival agents attempting to eliminate their opponent’s safe houses, which are represented by face-down cards; the cards range in value from 0 to 9. The closer you get to uncovering your target, however, the more you risk compromising your own position. Stealth and cunning are your greatest allies …

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Alliances Card Game Video Review

In Alliances, you will play a superpower nation seeking world domination along with its ally. The game is mainly based on trick-taking mechanisms, with each trick representing a local struggle to control a country in the world. The world is composed of a vast number of countries, each one represented by a tile on the …

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Septikon: Uranium Wars Preview Video

In Septikon we have tried to re-create a retro-futuristic atmosphere which was popular in games like Fallout and BioShock. The players take role of the owners and leaders of orbital mining battle stations, which are hunting for rich uranium deposits in an asteroid belt. Since there is not enough uranium for everyone, the players have …

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Maximum Throwdown Video Review

Maximum Throwdown pits up to six players against one another in a battle royale of card-throwing action. Each player has an individual deck of cards, and they take turns throwing the cards onto a shared playing area to try to cover up the icons of opponents’ cards while keeping their own icons visible. On each turn, …

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Evolution Card Game Video Review

In Evolution: The Origin of Species, players do the work of nature, putting animals into play and evolving them trait by trait to help them survive and thrive. Each player starts with a hand of six cards that feature an animal on the back and one or two traits on the front. Each round consists …

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Potion Making Practice Video Review

In the card game Potion-Making: Practice, players take on the roles of apprentice mages studying in a Magic School. Each player tries to gather the necessary components in order to produce magic elixirs, powders, talismans and even magical creatures. For each completed creation the player scores points – and the harder the task, the more points …

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Sutakku Dice Stacking Game Review

Steeped in Japanese folklore, SUTAKKU was originally developed to teach the common man the foibles of wishing for more than he had. In this quick-playing, push-your-luck dice game, you attempt to create the tallest stack of dice in order to gain the highest score per turn. To play, roll three dice and add two of them to …

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Ratuki Video Review

Ratuki (a.k.a. Ligretto Crazy) plays much like the card game Ligretto in which each player wants to get rid of her pile of cards first. Each player starts with a deck containing the same cards; each card shows a value from 1-5, sometimes as a numeral, sometimes with fingers on a hand, sometimes spelled in various languages, and so …

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Channel A Video Review

In Channel A, players compete at presenting anime TV show ideas. Shows are based on two premises selected by one player from a set of five randomly chosen premises. Each player selects up to four title word cards from their hand of ten cards and makes a pitch to the other players about their show …

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Villagers and Villains Game Review

“In the untamed wild, villains lurk in wait, terrors haunt dark lairs, tradesfolk seek riches, and heroes come to prove their valor.” As the mayor of a frontier town, you stand in the center, eyeing the roads for talent and trouble. Will you take on challenges or hire help, develop your town or command its …

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Hero vs Guardian Board Game Review

HERO versus GUARDIAN: A Game of Dungeon Craft is a 2-4 player card- and dice-based strategy game that takes 45-90 minutes to play. The game has two distinct roles: the role of the Guardian who builds a dungeon and the role of the Hero who builds a party of adventurers to loot the dungeon built by …

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The Walking Dead: The Best Defense Review

  The Walking Dead Board Game: The Best Defense is a cooperative board game in which players take on the roles of Rick, Glenn, Daryl, Michonne, and other characters. The Survivors must defend four key locations from Walkers – the Farm, the Prison, the Town and the Highway – in order to stay alive. The game …

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City of Remnants Video Review

Hot rain falls down upon a cold, rotting city. Here the Yugai, a species of militant humanoids, leave the survivors of the worlds they have ransacked and destroyed. It is a prison and a work camp, a place for those who lived through Yugai invasion to live out their remaining years as slaves. This is …

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Telestrations Video Review

From the publisher’s press release: “Each player begins by sketching a TELESTRATIONS word dictated by the roll of a die. The old fashioned sand timer may limit the amount of time they get to execute their sketch, but it certainly doesn’t limit creativity! Time’s up! All players, all at the same time, pass their sketch …

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Trick or Treat Video Review

“Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat…” It’s a rhyme reminiscent of simpler times when you were able to beg the neighbors for free candy – and then egg their house as a thank you. Relive your childhood with the simple rummy-style game Trick or Treat. Run around in your favorite …

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The Jam Video Review

Ahh, jam, a favorite treat from childhood! A bright sunny day – scarlet strawberries, sweet-scented raspberries, tasty apples, still warm pink scum, the humming of bees… Or a winter evening – cold outside, warm inside, a burning lamp, tea is ready – all that’s left to choose is cherry or peach? Gooseberry or currant? Why …

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Spyrium Video Review

Spyrium is set in an alternate world, an England set in a steampunk-based universe. Players build factories, needing workers to manage the production of a commodity previously unknown to us called “Spyrium”. Producing Spyrium in one factory, then processing it in the next results in victory points (VPs) for that particular player. Alternatively, Spyrium can be …

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Tapple Video Review

Each round in Tapple, one player draws a topic card, then starts the timer. In the next ten seconds, that player must give a single word answer that fits within the topic, press down the letter key in a special electronic device that corresponds to the first letter of that word, and restart the timer. The …

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Snake Oil Video Review

In the Old West, the wily snake oil salesman had a special talent, getting the most skeptical customers to buy the most dubious products. Now it’s your turn! Invent your own zany two-word products – Rumor Mirror! Burp Balloon! – and sell them to all types of wacky customers. If the round’s customer buys your …

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Fluxx: The Board Game Video Review

Publisher Says: Fluxx: The Board Game lives up to its card game namesake as this board game is all about change: changing rules, changing goals, and changing tiles on the board. Players start the game with their three pieces in the center of a 3×3 grid of tiles, with each tile divided into four spaces and …

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Love Letter Video Review

All of the eligible young men (and many of the not-so-young) seek to woo the princess of Tempest. Unfortunately, she has locked herself in the palace, and you must rely on others to take your romantic letters to her. Will yours reach her first? Love Letter is a game of risk, deduction, and luck for 2–4 …

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Dungeon Roll Video Review

The Dungeon lies before you; you’ve assembled your party of hearty adventurers and have a few tricks up your sleeve. How far will you go to seek glory and fame? Will you risk losing everything? In Dungeon Roll the player’s goal is to collect the most experience points by defeating monsters, battling the dragon, and amassing treasure. …

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Frankendie Video Review

FrankenDie is a fast-paced, reflex party game for the whole family! Combining the tactile nature of dice rolling, the excitement of a “first to buzz in” mechanism, and pattern recognition that is sure to exercise your brain, FrankenDie will bring your party or game-night to life! THEME: You are a Mad Scientist competing to assemble a Creature from serviceable …

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Rise of Augustus Video Review

In Rise of Augustus, you will vie with your fellow players to complete “objective” cards for special powers and ultimately for victory points. Each card has 2-6 symbols which you must populate with legionnaire meeples in order to complete the card. These symbols are drawn one at a time from a bag, with all players gaining …

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Warmachine: High Command Video Review

The fires of continent-spanning war engulf western Immoren, forging great leaders in a crucible of conflict. Bold commanders orchestrate grand strategies and daring battlefield tactics, their actions bringing glorious victory—or the despair of final defeat. Do you have the courage and cunning to lead your forces to ultimate triumph? Take command and muster the military …

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Level 7: Omega Protocol Video Review

LEVEL 7 [Omega Protocol] picks up right where LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE] left off. The Subterra Bravo facility has been thrown into chaos through the players actions in [ESCAPE], and now the government has sent in a top-secret, highly-trained special forces unit to shut down the facility and eliminate everything remaining in the base. In [Omega Protocol], one player takes on …

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Via Appia Board Game Video Review

Via Appia, the most famous road of the Roman Empire is under construction. Be a part of this historic event and finish the road that connects Rome and Brindisi. Prove your intuition in the quarry to get the best stones. Whoever builds the most valuable sections and reaches the different cities early will be victorious …

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Alhambra Board Game Video review

Granada, 1278. At the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, one of the most exciting and interesting project of the Spanish Middle Ages begins: the construction of the ALHAMBRA. The best master builders in the whole of Europe and Arabia want to demonstrate their skill. Employ the most suitable teams of builders and make sure …

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Viticulture Board Game Video Review

In Viticulture, the players find themselves in the roles of people in rustic, pre-modern Tuscany who have inherited meager vineyards. They have a few plots of land, an old crushpad, a tiny cellar, and three workers. They each have a dream of being the first to call their winery a true success. The players are in …

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Panic on Wall Street Party Game Video review

In Panic on Wall Street players are divided into Managers and Investors. Managers offer for sale shares of societies they are in charge of for as much as possible. Investors attempt to acquire them for as little as possible in order to get the best return possible. After two minutes of negotiation, a roll of …

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        Game description from the publisher: On a windin’ desert road in the middle of nowhere lies a town with no name. In this town you’ll find a place where no slight goes unanswered and no fight stays private, the roughest, toughest waterin’ hole in the Old West – the High Noon …

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Escape – Board Game Video Review

Escape: The Curse of the Temple is a cooperative game in which players must escape (yes…) from a temple (yes…) which is cursed (yes…) before the temple collapses and kills one or more explorers, thereby causing everyone to lose. The initial game board consists of a row of three square tiles, each showing a combination of …

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Seasons Board Game Video Review

The greatest sorcerers of the kingdom have gathered at the heart of the Argos forest, where the legendary tournament of the 12 seasons is taking place. At the end of the three year competition, the new archmage of the kingdom of Xidit will be chosen from among the competitors. Take your place, wizard! Equip your …

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CarmaRace: Stage 1

Tutorial Video:   Hitchhike your way to victory!   This game has: Quick & Easy Gameplay. Great player interaction. Dark humour artwork by Squish Image. Will teach math to young players. (Remove unwanted cards) Huge map to explore and race through. Customizable, lots of variants, and expansions coming later! In Carmarace, everyone on your block just …

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RAMPAGE: The Board Game Video

RAMPAGE BOARD GAME: The purpose of the game is to play big monsters destroying a town and eating his inhabitants (meeples). There are 6 kind of meeples : – blue (journalists), – green (military), – yellow (blonde), – grey (old people), – red (heroes), – black. You can destroy buildings and eat meeples by : …

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Cinque Terre Board Game Video Review

The Cinque Terre are five coastal villages in the Liguria region of Italy known for their beauty, culture, food, and proximity to one another. Produce carts are commonly found in each village marketplace. In Cinque Terre, a game of strategy, players compete to sell the most valuable produce in the five villages. Players act as …

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Arctic Scavengers Video Review

In the year 2097, the entire Earth was enveloped in a cataclysmic shift in climate, plunging the globe into another ice age. Nearly 90% of the world’s population was eliminated, driving the survivors to band together into loose communities and tribes. In Arctic Scavengers, you are the leader of a small tribe of survivors. Resources, …

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Timeline Card Game Review

Timeline: Diversity is a card game played using 110 cards. Each card depicts a historical event on both sides, with the year in which that event occurred on only one side. Players take turns placing a card from their hand in a row on the table. After placing the card, the player reveals the date …

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I’m the Boss Card Game Video Review

I’m the Boss!: The Card Game, a version of Sid Sackson’s classic negotiation game I’m the Boss! that’s based on his original design of that game, is still all about negotiation, with players trying to end up with more money in hand than anyone else. The game plays in rounds, and each round consists of …

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Spin Monkeys Board Game Review

In Spin Monkeys, one of four winners in Rio Grande Games’ 2009 game design competition, you are a monkey in the jungle when one day a wayward carnival makes a stop. You and your fellow monkeys jump in the bumper cars and away you go. You have no idea why there is fruit all over …

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Defenders of the Realm: Battlefields

  Defenders of the Realm: Battlefields is set in the world of Richard Launius’ Defenders of the Realm, but is a stand-alone, non-cooperative game in which players compete against one another either one-on-one, two-on-one, or two-on-two. One side represents the Dark Lord’s invading army, while the other plays the heroes defending the realm. Fourteen battlefield …

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Cavemen: The Quest for Fire Board Game Review

Cavemen: The Quest for Fire is a card-drafting game in which players take the role of tribal leaders. The tribes compete for opportunities to hunt dinosaurs, recruit tribesmen, and discover new technologies, vying to be the first with enough knowledge and prestige to invent fire and usher in the age of modern humanity! You have …

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Rise of the Zombies Board Game Review

  In Rise of the Zombies, a fast-paced card game of zombie survival, players play Location cards to form a path from the Safe House to the Rescue Helicopter, while fighting off hordes of zombies. The players must also play fast because they are racing a real-world timer. If time expires, the Survivors are left …

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P.I Board Game Video Review

      P.I. is a pure deduction game, with players competing in three consecutive mini-games in order to see who’s got the best chops in terms of solving their cases. Each mini-game plays out the same way. To start, you receive in secret one suspect card (out of 12), one crime card (out of …

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Serenissima Board Game Video Review

Serenissima is the new Ystari edition of the 1996 game (Méditerranée in France). The rules have been updated and the game is more fluid. In Serenissima players represent a merchant family during the Renaissance. Players attempt to balance the need of trading and open commerce versus the cut-throat economic piracy of the day. Players create …

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Grid Stones Board Game Review

Gridstones is an elegant, gripping game of strategy and visualization. Designed by Toronto native Tim W.K. Brown, this critically-acclaimed abstract strategy and puzzle game is quick, fun, easy-to-learn and great for the whole family. Simply place or remove STONES on or from the GRID to create a match to the cards in your hand – …

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Quartex Boardgame Video Review

Play your tiles by matching and placing them beside other tiles already in play. If your tile completes a four-corner shape, you earn a point token of that color. But remember – as the number of tokens collected increases, their value decreases. Mind-bending or what? Because Players decide where tiles are placed, the shape of …

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Rise or Fall Card Game Review

All the high school cliques – goths, geeks, jocks, cheerleaders, punks, skaters, artists, even the cool teachers – are competing to be as popular as they can be, and naturally that means they’ll take the opportunity to slime others in order to make themselves look good by comparison. Can your clique come out on top? …

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Fitz it Card Game Video Review

Game description from the publisher: What comes in a box, fits inside a blender, and is bound to make you laugh? FitzIt – the party game where fun is all in the description! Name an object that fits the attributes on your cards, then play them to the grid. The more cards you play, the …

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Linja Board Game Video Review

Both players start with six pawns in their base and with one pawn in each of the six spaces between both bases. The goal of the game is to place your pawns in the opponent’s home base or as near as possible to it. During a turn, a player has one move that consists of …

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IOTA Card Game Video Review

IOTA is a card game in which players score points by adding cards to a grid. The deck consists of 64 regular cards and two wild cards; each of the 64 cards contains three properties – color, shape and number – with each property coming in four different types. The two wild cards are identical …

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I Go Card Game Review

Players draw and discard iteratively, attempting to improve the quality of their hands. You can improve your hand by forming a run (using 1 or 2 colors), matching the top card of the ‘display’ stack, or simply keeping low values cards. After your turn, you can declare “I Go!” to claim that you have the …

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Kulami Board Game Review

Kulami, a two-player abstract strategy game, is played on several wooden tiles of different sizes, which are put together in a random fashion to form the board. Players place their pieces on the squares on the tiles. The placement of the previous piece dictates the rows in which the next piece may be placed. The …

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Six Board Game Video Review

Six is a deceptively simple-looking abstract strategy game in which two (or four) players take turns placing their colored hexagonal tiles while trying to create one of the three “winning shapes” – triangle, hexagon or line – out of six of their tiles. If all tiles have been placed from players’ hands without someone winning, …

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Scallywags Board Game Video

Avast! Belay your bickering and gives us our treasure! Scallywags, originally available as a print-and-play game titled Doubloons!, is a light-hearted game in which players are swashbuckling pirates divvying up their booty. To start the game, a selection of coins are dumped in the center of the table to form the loot pile. These coins …

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Take it or Leave It Board Game Review

Take It or Leave It is a game title asking to be mocked by those who don’t like the design, so here’s hoping it goes over well with audiences. What is the game, you ask? Each player has a hand of four task cards showing dice combinations and other tasks that the player is trying …

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Map it! Board Game Video Review

On a turn, a player draws a location card – keeping the latitude and longitude on the back of the card secret from all players – then places the card next to the direction board, indicating how she thinks this location relates to the starting one. Is Honolulu west of San Francisco? Why sure, so …

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Monster Factory Board Game Video

Players take turns drawing and placing tiles, either adding to their own monsters or to those of their opponents. At the end, the player who has created the biggest monsters wins the game!          

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Shadows Over Camelot Card Game Video

Shadows over Camelot The Card Game Darkness has once again descended over Camelot; the Kingdom is no longer safe. Your illustrious father’s weapons have barely been retired to the armory and his revered coat of arms passed on to you when troubling rumors begin spreading anew… “Troops are on a war footing – Saxons? Picts?” …

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Quebec Board Game Video Review

The year is 1608, at the dawn of New France and the foundation of Quebec City. In this new game, you head a rich family seeking to build the historically rich and architecturally beautiful city of Quebec. You will have four centuries to build the most beautiful buildings while ensuring your legacy among the most …

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Spartacus Board Game Video Review

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF BLOOD AND TREACHERY! Spartacus: A Game of Blood & Treachery is an exciting game of twisted schemes and bloody combats inspired by the hit STARZOriginal series. Players assume the role of the Dominus of a great house competing for influence in the era of ancient Rome.Players vie for dominance through …

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Spot it! NHL Card Game Video Review

Spot it! NHL® AGES 7 TO ADULT • 2-8 PLAYERS Whether you are a die-hard hockey fan or you just want to break the ice, Spot it! NHL® is for you. Hockey themed symbols give this collectible Spot it! edition its cool edge. To become one of the Greats of the game, be the first …

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