Pirate Boom Card Game Review

Pirate Boom Game: “Pirate Boom Treasure is a simple educational game with 3 variations that is made to help children to learn math! From the simple numbers, to addition, multiplication and division.  What better way to learn your math than playing a game with priates treasure?
Kids like: Learning while playing!
Parents …

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SET Card Game Video Review

Set Card  Game: “SET is a highly addictive, original game of visual perception; a fascinating challenge for either solitaire or …

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Spy Alley Board Game Review

What’s Cool:

Good element of bluffing.
Fun player interaction.
Special Move Cards instead of rolling.
Easy to teach and play.

What’s Not:

Players get eliminated and no one likes that… do they?
Plastic ID cards get damaged quickly, you will NEED sleeves.

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Sneaks & Snitches

Sneaks & Snitches: “In this fast paced game you become boss of sneaky thieves who’s rather after prestige than money. Decide well what category of items you will be after and try to predict what will other bosses do. Send your team to least expected location. Send your snitch to give police information about of competing groups. Let the world know who’s number one in your domain! Sneaks & Snitches is 15 minute long game for 2 to 5 players enjoyable for both occasional players who can appreciate it’s quick and polished gameplay, and experienced gamers who can predict impossible moves of their foes.” -Czech Games-

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Master Builder Board Game Review

Master Builder: “You are a great master builder in the Middle Ages. You employ master craftsmen, foremen, tradesmen and apprentices. You bid on building contracts and with your workforce construct buildings. Upon completing each building you receive money so you can pay wages and possibly take on extra workers. Unforeseen events …

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Charon Inc. Video Review

Charon Inc Board game: In the year 2288, off-world mining is now controlled by a few mega-corporations. It is no longer just people or nations that are subject to exploitation, but entire planets and moons. As the CEO of one of these mega-corporations, in Charon, Inc. you will vie against CEOs …

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Strada Romana Board Game Review

Strada Romana Board Game: In Ancient Rome there was a lot of trading between the harbour of Ostia and Rome; hundreds of wagons moved along a single road to bring a variety of goods to the great city. The best merchants were able to do business along the road as …

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Albion Board Game Video Review

Albion Board Game: Being almost at the top of its power, the Roman Empire plans to conquer the British Isles, also known as Albion in those times. To be successful in the game, the players have to cleverly choose their settlements, castles and fortifications as well as carefully plan the development of these. …

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Egizia Board Game Video Review

Egizia Board Game: The players are builders in the Ancient Egypt, competing to get the most fame building different monuments requested by the Pharaoh (the Sphinx, the Obelisk, the Temple and the Pyramid).
The game lasts 5 turns. In each turn, the players place their pawns on the board, along the banks of …

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Piece Of Cake Board Game Review

Piece o’Cake: “Everyone knows the cake rules: one person cuts, the other chooses. In this way, one makes the slices as equal as possible so that one does not end up with the short end. But this rule does not apply to “piece o´ Cake”. Here a person can cleverly offer larger …

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