Dweebies Childrens Card Game

DWEEBIES: “We first met the Dweebies on a dreary summer afternoon and the first thing that struck us was how they immediately made us smile. Perhaps it was their vibrant colors. Perhaps it was their quirky personalities. Whatever it was, we knew we wanted to get to know them better! After …

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Middle Kingdom Video Review

Middle Kingdom Game Review:
Following the collapse of the Han Dynasty, warlords backed rival claimants to the CHinese throne, while others sought influence among the merchants, nobles, farmers, and bureaucrats. In this game, players blind bid each round to claim Dynasty cards in order to control the Emperor, Heir, Palace, Market, …

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Mystery Express Video Review

Mystery Express Board Game:
Seeking a well-deserved break from your latest misadventures, you decide to splurge, treating yourself to the extravagant luxury of the most talked about train of our time – the legendary Orient Express. Most unexpectedly, and rather unfortunately, the holiday turns out to be short-lived. The train has barely …

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Rorschach Party Game Review

OFFICIAL SITE DESCRIPTION: “This uproarious party game brings players together to look through Rorschach tests-inkblots, trying to match answers with the other players to score points. Try to match your crazy interpretations with as many of the other players as you can!”
What’s Cool:

Nice production quality.
Easy to teach.
Good rule book.

What’s Not:

Not very fun …

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Neuland Board Game Review

Neuland Board Game Review
What’s Cool: .

Nice Artwork.
Good production quality.

What’s Not:

The rule book needs a complete make-over.
Set up is long and annoying.
Takes a while to teach new players.
Gets boring fast. Not much replay value.

Official Site Info: Designed by Tobias Stapelfeldt and Peter Eggert
Neuland lies undeveloped with only a few hunters and woodcutters living there. Players compete to …

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Timestreams Card Game Review

Timestreams: Deck 1

This multilayer time-travel card game has players assign inventions to different time periods and then score points for appropriate combos and matching the correct eras for those inventions. The first pair of decks are Stone Age and Future Tech, and contain over 120 unique pieces of original art.
Timestreams: …

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Zombie Mosh Board Game Video Review

SITE DESCRIPTION: “The deep base of the band, the flash of the lights…and the impact of your fellow undead, moshing and thrashing about in the pit…what could be better! In Zombie mosh you strive to be the last zombie standing at the end of each song. As you flail about the limbs …

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Kachina Board Game Review

In the Hopi Native American tribe, the world is ruled by Kachina (or spirits) of many different types. In this tile-laying game, players compete to dominate rows and columns of Kachina by using their values and special powers.

2-5 players
Ages 8+
Play Time: 15-30 Minutes

What’s Cool:

Nice summary cards.
Fast paced and Easy to teach.
Nice …

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Myth Pantheons Video Review

In the age of myth, gods and goddesses vie for domain over the mortal world. The arenas of these great struggles are the mighty cities of the ancients. Can you sway mankind to your cause with an awesome display of your divine power? Or will you be just another forgotten myth?
In Myth: …

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Genji Board Game Video Review

What’s Cool: .

Good strategy element.
Fun for male and female players.
Nice rulebook with good examples in it.
Fairly fast paced.
Good player interaction.

What’s Not:

The production quality of the cards and tokens are cheap.
Takes a while to teach new players.
Luck of the draw can play a huge part in choosing your actions.

Neutral Information:

Not all poems will make sense when …

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