Road Kill Rally Board Game Review

Road Kill Rally Board Game: ” 2035 – The Road-Kill Rally becomes a worldwide phenomenon, attracting contestants from throughout the world. Ratings exceed three billion for the Rally Cup Finals, making it the most watched spectacle in human history.As a driver in the Road-Kill Rally, you are racing against opponents eager to destroy you with guns, rockets and flame throwers. But the big points come from scoring pedestrians: running them over or blasting them out of the road. After all, you have three billion viewers to satisfy. Think of this as Car Wars meets Death Race 2000.” – Zman Games-

What’s Cool:

  • Different track setup every game.
  • Nice rulebook, with examples and images.
  • Comical artwork and funny themes.
  • Good player interaction.
  • Customizable vehicles and drivers.
  • Great production quality.

What’s Not:

  • The movement is a little off, you don’t know if some spaces are diagonal or not.


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