Royal Palace Video Review

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What’s Cool:

  • The artwork is very nice, perfect for the theme.
  • Random Garden every game.
  • Random Palace every game.
  • Feels like you’re really managing your servants inside a palace.

What’s Not:

  • The rule book needs a little work.
  • Long wait time if playing 3 or 4 players.

Neutral Information:

  • You get extra bags to separate each item in the box .
  • No back story, feels like you’re just playing to win.¬† “Why are we recruiting nobles?”

User Ratings:

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  1. Some of us like a bit of theme with our strategy games. It need not be a deeply thematic role-playing game, but it needs to feel like more than a coat of paint. I think that just a bit more work on the rule book including introductory theme-setting paragraphs would have bumped this up one point on Felicia and Michaela’s scale.

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    • SkipM624 on November 20, 2009 at 11:27 PM

    Royal Palace is NOT a role-playing game or even a board game with distinct roles in it. It’s a multi-player strategy and tactics board game in which the object is just what it says it is. To be the player with the most victory points at game’s end by accomplishing the game’s strategic and tactical objectives during game play. The theme of Royal Palace provides gameplay with a framework in which to comprehend the objectives; servants in a castle, bustling about trying to see if they can pick up enough influence within certain rooms of the castle to enlist the aid of nobles in a garden. But it really is just a coat of paint on the job of collecting victory points and being the best among the players at doing so. No monsters, no dice to resolve battles, none of that. It’s a traditional, tabletop board game and if one shakes off the notion that it’s supposed to be something else (a role-playing, fantasy world quest of some kind), and confronts its mechanics without preconceptions, I think you’ll find it to be a fairly decent game. Not world-stopping, or drop what you’re doing and rush to the store to buy it immediately, but certainly, for what it is, a good board game.

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