Rush N’ Crush Video Review

What’s Cool:

  • Modular Race Track.
  • Drivers and Cars with special abilities.
  • Great driving concepts & mechanics.
  • Weapons and mayhem.
  • Good player interactions.
  • Exploded cars become debris which can damage you.
  • Awesome rulebook with 2 Modes of playing.
  • Nice Artwork.

What’s Not:

  • It’s hard to stay in first, you’ll get a beating.
  • If someone copies your moves, they can be right behind you all the time.
  • We don’t see the point with making teams, the first place car is the winner, team mate gets nothing.

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  1. People knowing Formula D will not be lost with this this game, but it’s a very interresting new take…
    You feel like having more control on your speed ( a really clever system here ) than in Formula D and, what is more, you can blast other players or drop landmines !!

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  2. Interesting theme, kind of like it. Thanks for the review guys I hadnt seen this one before!

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