Stack Market Board Game Review

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THIS REVIEW IS RATED 18+ (According to one of our viewers, it’s very offensive!)

Stack Market Board Game Review: Designed by Susumu Kawasaki

In today’s market, companies grow at a rapid rate. But if they grow too rapidly, they may become unstable. You are investing in these companies and aiding in their growth by stacking cubes that represent the headquarters of each company. The higher the headquarters the more that company is worth – and if you don’t have a steady hand or a smart investment, the company can become unstable and crash, reducing its worth, and your assets, to nothing. An original dexterity game with an investment angle.

RULEBOOK ERROR: Collapsed dice are removed from the game  temporarily but are returned for the next round when things reset. -Zman games-

What’s Cool:

  • Easy to teach.
  • Fast Paced.
  • Feels like Jenga with strategy.
  • You get a ruler to measure the towers.
  • Nice summary printed on the board.

What’s Not:

  • Picking up the dice after they collapse, some of them will roll away.
  • It’s almost impossible to make a stack of more then 25 dice.
  • You need to play on a very leveled table.

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