Timber Tom Video Review

What’s Cool:

  • The production quality is great.
  • Fun concept and artwork.
  • A multi-level 3D board and figurines.
  • Nice rulebook with examples.

What’s Not:

  • Not enough trees.
  • Too many shacks & hot spots.
  • Experienced players know theĀ  fastest way to the treasures.

Neutral Information:

  • Free expansion included.

User Ratings:

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Overall User Ratings:

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  1. Awesome game, the quality of it takes my breath away to be honest! I just cant get over how beautiful it is, and the game play itself is wonderful.

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  2. The production quality on this is very high. And it is strange the limited number of trees, since the whole concept of the game is based on cutting down trees. It would be great to have the MSRP for each of these games reviewed. Then we could even sort by price categories later as you have more reviews. This way it is very helpful for gift giving.

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    • ja on February 5, 2010 at 2:00 PM

    Why is there a limited number of trees (you run out really quickly)?
    This game would have been so much better if they gave you a lot more trees OR removed some supplies/axes/radios/heli’s to make the game challenging.

    besides these points this is a reasonably fun game.
    I give it a 7 on 10.

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