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pic1590713_mdTAKEN BY COMPANY: Torn Armor is a fantasy squad-based tactical miniatures board game for 2-4 players. Based in the mythical World of Torn, it presents the lore, races, people, heroes, and history to players through the use of game-play scenarios. The core set focuses on the conflicts between two factions:

The Sisk Empire: an expansionist society, believing that their advanced culture and religious ideology are something from which everyone can benefit. Unfortunately their war-machine is thinly stretched, over-taxed, and on the brink of collapse. They seek wealth, raw materials, technology and slaves.

The Maychians: anthropomorphic creatures that live in the so-called “New Continents” in the northern hemisphere. Their land is an undiscovered country, full of untapped resources and ancient ruins. The Maychians possess primitive technology, but are fervent in their desire to defend their homeland and resist the Sisk invasion.

Included in the core set are 39 highly-detailed miniatures, 12 unit stat cards, a full color rule book, full color scenario book, 4 double-sided color battle posters, 8 Magical Item cards, 8 Spell cards and 25 dice of 5 different colors.

The battle for Torn World begins as the Sisk explorers land on the beaches of the “New Continents” with the intent to discover and claim ancient magical relics from a forgotten age. But the Maychians have spotted the intruders and are ready to stop them at any cost! Which faction will prevail? Only you can decide!

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