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What’s Cool:

  • Fast paced.
  • Real WWI pilot names.
  • Special damages to the plane. (Engine damage, Fire damage, Gun jamming, etc)
  • You don’t know how much damage you’ve dealt to your opponents planes. (Until they blow up).

What’s Not:

  • The rulebook is a mess and badly translated. Will leave you with many questions.
  • It’s hard to keep the plane’s movement precise.

Neutral Information:

  • Expansions do exist for this game.
  • Nice Miniatures of each plane can be bought separately.

User Ratings:

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Overall rating by users:

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  1. Fantastic game that I have yet to try. And now with the release of the Star Wars variation of this! The miniatures make the difference for this game. They are a must have.

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  2. Thanks a lot for the review of the game and the comments!

    >Almost every turn planes get moved because they slide easily.

    With a tablecloth it seems to work quite fine, and even a not so glossy table seems to give good results. Anyway there are miniatures, if you want.

    >Why the hell did the company make 10 cards of the same plane ? this doesnt make sence to me at all.

    Actually 4/5, in the basic box… There are two main reasons for that. First one is that this allow you to play large battles with several copies of the same box. Wioth normal games, if your group of friends has more than one copy of the game they are pretty useless. With Wings of War, you can use every maneuvre deck in every box just using them with different plane cards (so you do not get confused and every player can still tell which one is his own Fokker or Camel). The actual record is 81 people playing at the same table

    but in mid April in Koln (Germany) a 100 players game will be tried.
    The other reason is historical. Different pilots are depicted, often of different nations, and you can choose the one you fancy most, or the color scheme you like most. It is also a pleasure for players of different natonalities to find planes of their own nation in the box: the comments on the forums confirm that.

    Besides, the print sheet allowed to put that amount of cards. Giving less plane cards would not have allowed to give more maneuvre decks or damage decks, so in the end I think that the choice has been sensible anyway.

    Please visit the Yahoo group of the fans of the game

    for optonal rules, additional materials, advices, and the possibnility to exchanmge opinions and news with nearly 3000 Wings of War players all over the world.

    Thanks again for all!


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  3. We have added this game to our school’s middle school game collection. It is played on a regular basis. For students, it is great because it fosters good competition but students are forced to use strategy to try to “predict” the opponents’ moves.

    While fast paced, the game does requires a patient hand with decent fine motor skills. Our frustrations have occurred when a student bumps the table or card, often creating chaos.

    The giant positive is that it can easily be played by veterens or newbies. It also ties into history nicely and has often generated discussion of what students have discovered in history classes.

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    • ja on November 25, 2009 at 12:32 PM

    the base concept of this game isnt half bad, its the execution that has major problems. This being that using playing card (the planes) as objects on a playing field SUCKS. Almost every turn planes get moved because they slide easily. Being a precision game where millimetres can determine if you “hit” an enemy plane and turns need to be calculated, this becomes a downer.

    The company could have easily made token or heavier objects that dont move so easily. A simple nudge on the playing table and half the planes moved out of precision !

    Also, Why the hell did the company make 10 cards of the same plane ? this doesnt make sence to me at all. If you want to use an agile plane with less power then who cares if the color is blue or green ?

    i give this one a 5/10

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