Witch’s Brew Video Review

Rio Grande Games

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What’s Cool:

  • Nice wooden ingredients.
  • The Artwork blends well with the theme of witchs.
  • Once you know the cards, it’s very fast paced and fun for everyone.
  • You play different roles every turn.
  • You really have to look at other player’s strategy to base yours on.
  • You can hide your victory points  and only reveal them at the end of the game.

What’s Not:

  • You don’t get enough gold nugget tokens. (When playing 5 players)
  • You might need to read the rule book 3 or 4 times before getting it right.
  • The rule book should have more images, examples, and bigger writing.
  • The last player has a huge advantage, but then he becomes the first player, so it compensates.

Neutral Information:

  • Can’t be played with only two people.
  • The game’s box is bigger then it should be, lots of wasted space.

User Ratings:

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