Arkham Horror Video Review

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What’s Cool:

  • There is a background story for each character.
  • Nice slider control on your character sheet.
  • Monsters have a small story too.
  • Store owners close shop when the horror levelĀ  gets too high!
  • The game’s setting is dark and gloomy.
  • The boss fights are exciting.

What’s Not:

  • Way too many cards.
  • Spells take up space for nothing. (try a game without them)
  • Ugly Dice. They could have supplied nice dark dice.
  • You must supply your own bag or bowl. (box cover is used for all other pieces)
  • The rule book is not well organized.

Neutral Information:

  • The board is always the same at the start.
  • Can’t attack each other.
  • Can be played alone!
  • You’re going to be doing some basic math. (Nothing major)

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