7 Sins Card Game Preview Video


7sinsIn the card game 7Sins!, players try to get away with the most sinning. This is done by scoring the most Sin points. The twist is that the person who has the most points of each sin does not score those points, but everyone else does.

7Sins! has 5 decks with each card representing a sin and has a value between 1 and 7 representing the severity of the sin. The main deck consists of 80 cards and contains Wrath, Greed, Lust, and Pride. There are three separate decks for the remaining sins – Gluttony contains 25 cards, Envy has 20 cards, and Sloth has 20 cards. The final deck is the Original Sins deck. It has 28 cards and contains all seven sins in values between 2 and 4.
To begin, 4 Original Sins cards are dealt to each player. Each player keeps 2 cards and passes one each to the right and left. They are then set aside until the end of the game. The Original Sins have no effect on basic game play but will count during scoring.
Each player starts with 3 cards from the main deck. Players take turns playing a card and following any instructions on the card, then drawing a card from the main deck to end their turn. Each sin has a different thematic effect for that sin.
The game ends when any player has accumulated 7 or more points of Pride. Players should discard their hands (these cards are no longer needed), and then add their original sins to the sins they played during the game. Counting one sin at a time, players should announce how many points they have. Whoever has the most points in each sin is ‘shunned’ and must discard all those points – in case of a tie, all players discard the points. Everyone else ‘gets away with’ those sins and keeps those points. Once the biggest sinner for each sin has discarded those points, each player totals up everything they ‘got away with’ and the highest score wins.



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