Attack the Darkness Board Game Video Review

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attack the darknessAttack the Darkness is a table-top role-playing game, a deck-building game, and a card-drafting game all rolled into one, with the focus being on fast-paced game play in a humor-infused dark fantasy setting.

Using miniatures in classic table-top style, players choose from one of seven unique classes and construct a custom deck that represents their character in the game. Together they face off against the fearsome dungeon deck. Players take each action on the game board, be it fighting with sword and shield, exploring with nimble footsteps, or casting fearsome magic – whatever they want to do, each action is dictated by the cards that make up their character with no dice, reference tables, or additional rulebooks required.

Designed to be simple in its components yet complex in its combinations, Attack the Darkness allows for the speed and excitement of a collectable trading card game while granting the tactics and intricacies of a table-top RPG. The game is playable with one to eight players and allows for both cooperative and competitive gaming.

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