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Rules clarifications:
• Units are played face up onto the Barnyard (not face down).
• Cards may be placed next to any card that is in the Barnyard (whether those cards are face up or face down).
• Not all units can make the Basic Attack, only cards which specify so may.

The Barnyard Legions March to War From the frigid north to the arid Sahara, the Barnyard Legions march forth to claim their place in history. In Barnyard Legions you, the general, have been given a mission to keep the other Legions from ever completing their goal of lining up a proper battle line or two. Will you command the Sheep Legionnaires under the rule of Julius Sheepsar? Or will the hoof of Auroch the Red Boviking crush the Celtucky Chickens?

How do you play?
Each player takes their choice of Barnyard Legion and mixes some of their cards into a common deck. The rest of their cards are kept as their own deck. Each turn, players take 2-3 actions, attempting to complete a battle line of five cards from their Legion. To keep the game moving, every player draws a card from their deck at the start of each round, hoping to not run out of cards, causing elimination, before the battle has been won.

What is unique about it?
The game has built in subtleties that will appeal to gamers, while the unique decks and humorous tongue-in-cheek art make Barnyard Legions a great gateway game for players who are not familiar with more complicated card games. Families will be able to sit down and follow the very simple rules and start playing immediately.

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