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blurbleBlurble is the new, exciting, and hilarious card game that is great for just about any crowd. With 300 different hand-drawn images, you’ll have hours of entertainment every time you play, and the game will never be played the same way twice. Play with a friend while you’re waiting for the bus or invite a group over for a game night. It’s small size and varying options for length of game play make it perfect for any occasion.

To say an English word with the same first letter as the depicted image on the card before your opponent. The player with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner.
Playing the Game:
Choose one player to start as the ‘Blurbler’ (the person who starts the action by flipping a card onto the table). The Blurbler takes a small stack of cards, without looking at the images, and adds more to the stack as necessary.
Play starts between the Blurbler and the player to his or her left.
The Blurbler flips the first card from the stack face-up onto the table. The card should be placed at an equal distance between the two players. Each time a card is flipped, a ‘face-off’ occurs between the Blurbler and the opponent.
The two players involved race to say any English word, that is not a proper noun or a number, that shares the same first letter as the object on the card. For instance, if the card shows a dog, words such as “drain” or “dairy” would be acceptable, whereas “David” or “Denmark” would not. Words used must be at least three letters long.
The first player to finish saying a correct word first is the winner.
The Blurbler continues to move clockwise around the circle until beat.
Once the Blurbler is beat, the deck is passed to the player who won that round, and a new Blurbler is born.
Play always resumes with the player to the left of the new Blurbler.
The player who says a legal word first is the winner of that face-off.
After each face-off, the winning player takes the card and puts it in front of him or her.
If there is uncertainty about who said the word first, the other players not involved will vote on who won. If the round is deemed a tie, neither player is awarded the card, and the two players will face-off again with the next card.
A word may only be said once in a given sitting. Let’s say the octopus card is flipped. One player yells “orange” and the other yells “oblong”. If “orange” was said before “oblong”, then “orange” cannot be used for the duration of the game, but “oblong” is still allowed. If there is uncertainty whether a word has already been said, consult the rest of the table for a group vote. A redo card can be used to resolve any disputes.
If an incorrect word is used, for instance a proper noun, a number, a two-letter word, or a word that has already been used, players may continue to shout words until someone says a correct one. There is no penalty for incorrect words.
A word may not be used if its exact spelling is contained within the depicted image. For instance, “rain” could not be used for “rainbow,” or “rob” for “robot.” Similarly, if a word is pronounced the same, but has a different spelling, it cannot be used. In the example above, “reign” could not be used for “rainbow.” A word with a similar sound is acceptable, so long as it is not spelled out in the depicted image. For instance, “row” could be used for “rope” or “camel” for “camera.”
The player with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner.
Winning the Game:
There are several different options of how to structure the game. In all options, the winning player of each face-off keeps that card. These options allow you to structure how long game play will last.
Decide on how long to play and set a timer. When the timer sounds, players add up their cards to determine the winner.
Play to a predetermined number. Once someone has accumulated the predetermined number of cards, he or she is the winner.
Decide on how many cards will constitute a game. This can be done by simply grabbing a smaller stack from the deck, or counting out an exact number. Play until all the cards are gone. The player who collected the most cards is the winner.

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