Bright Future Board Game Video Review

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pic2498548_mdBright Future is a card driven lite-RPG adventure.
It is situated in an intriguing and immersive world where our civilization was destroyed after an all-out nuclear war. During the past decades the few remaining survivors are living a harsh life underground.

Some of them managed to salvage equipment and technology from the fallen civilization and tried to rebuild society as they remembered it.
Others had to adapt both their shapes and minds into something new and more suitable for their new environment.
There is a constant struggle between the scattered groups of human and mutant survivors, but in the fortified settlements here and there, they manage to live together.

The game has three modes:
• Tunnel Fever: cooperative scenario for 1–4 players, where you and your friends have to save the remnants of humankind from a deadly epidemic which is ravaging the population in a world without hospitals and health facilities.
• Tunnel of Power: competitive scenario for 2–5 players, where you will try to be the first player to open a legendary governmental bunker from the Cold war, full of equipment and supplies, which was discovered only recently.
• Arena mode: a short card battle based on luck and tactics.

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