DOWN TO HELL – Board Game Preview Video

Down to Hell

Down To Hell is a board game that faithfully reproduces popular hack and slash video games. It offers a wide variety of mechanics well known from other board games. The game can be played in cooperative mode, as well as in solo mode. In this game heroes fight against evil who have invaded their land.

There are four hero classes, each of them are distinguished by specific attacks, spells and other abilities. There are multiple ways to carry out the skills of your hero throughout the game. Specific skillsets can be more suitable for fighting against players or monsters, the choice is yours.

Fighting against a boss is about guessing the boss’s next move and planning your next move accordingly. A player with the lowest priority token can see the next boss action card, which is a compensation for being attacked first. Each of the bosses has a unique set of skills, there is a big reward for each of them.

—description from the publisher

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