Dreams of Dystopia Overview Video

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pic2293367_mdDreams of Dystopia – The Postapocalyptic Deckbuilding Game with a TWIST

In Dreams of Dystopia, set in a distant, postapocalyptic and dystopian future, players assume the roles of mighty “Masters” commanding various “Minions” to compete against each other – choosing between the Divine or Demonic aspect or even trying to tread the perilous path of Twilight – as they do so.

Dreams of Dystopia (DoD for short) is a “Dominion-Style” Deckbuilding Game, in which each player picks their “Master” at the beginning of the game, choosing their (inital) side – Divine or Demonic – and each will begin the game with an (almost) identical starting deck. Over the course of this combat-centered and highly interactive Deckbuilding Game players will build, enhance and expand their decks by recruiting new Minions and buying supporting Weapons, with the ultimate goal of reducing the opponents’ Masters Life Points to zero, before your opponents do so to you!

What makes DoD unique and special is that each card has two sides, one representing the Divine and the other the Demonic aspect or incarnation of any Master, Minion or Weapon you can choose, recruit or purchase. The initial choice of Divine or Demonic will heavily influence the various winning strategies you will be able to pursue, but fear not: There are plenty of ways to switch your cards from Divine to Demonic or vice versa, and building decks using cards from both “Factions” is an option as well… DoD can hence safely be called a game “With a TWIST”.

The game will come with custom card sleeves which are mandatory to use in order to keep your hand etc concealed from your opponents.

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