Evolution Card Game Preview

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Evolution card gameBillions of years of struggling for food…
Billions of years of evading carnivores…
Billions of years of adapting to a changing environment…
This is EVOLUTION. A new card game where your choices determine which species survive, which ones thrive, and which ones will forever disappear from the face of our beautiful blue planet.

In Evolution, players do the work of nature by putting species into play and evolving them trait by trait to help them survive in a changing environment. There are two threats that players have to deal with for their species: starvation and getting eaten by carnivores.

How to Play
Each round consists of:
1) Drawing cards: 3 cards + 1 card per species
2) Playing cards:
– Play one face-down card to determine the amount of plant food available this round.
– Play cards to create new species and modify existing species.
3) Feeding phase:
– Reveal the food cards.
– Feed your species plant food
– Attack other species if you have a carnivore
4) Clean up phase:
– Remove species that received no food.
– Reduce the population of species that were not fully fed
– Place the food in your score bag.

When the deck runs out, the players conduct one final round, then score points.

End of Game Scoring:
– 1 point for each food in your bag
– 1 point for each population of your existing species
– 1 point for each trait on your existing species

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