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Fraud Card Game

2-6 player card game that satirizes corporate greed and white-collar criminals. Can be played in teams of 2 as well.

As a crooked CEO of a phony multi-national corporation, your mission in Fraud is to collect and bank Asset and Liability Cards in your Offshore Account, play Fraud Cards to attack your opponents, use Defense Cards to fend off attacks and avoid collecting Indictments. Once a player receives their 2nd indictment, they have to do the “Perp Walk” around the table while other players heckle them. The player who first banks $150 million ($150M) in Assets in their Offshore Account before receiving their 3rd indictment – wins the game.

Each card features unique, hand-drawn caricatures and art by Rick Parker. Rick’s probably best known as the artist of MTV’s Beavis and Butt-Head Comic Book, and was on the staff at Marvel Comics for many years. Rick was the perfect man for job – supremely talented comic artist, and a really shady character.

Each player selects a CEO business card as their identity and gets a score pad to keep track of banked Assets and Liabilities in their Offshore Account ($150M wins the game) and indictments (3 strikes and you’re out).

The deck is shuffled and 6 cards are dealt to each player. The remaining cards are placed face down in the Draw pile. Played cards are discarded into a Discard pile, which can be shuffled and reused when the Draw pile gets low.

In any given turn, a player has 1 of 5 options: 

  1. Bank an Asset Card in their Offshore Account.
  2. Securitize Liability Cards and if successful, bank those as assets in their Offshore Account on the following turn.
  3. Attack another player with a Fraud Card and if successful, bank 1 Asset Card from you opponent while opponent also gets 1 indictment. Attacks are defended with Defense Cards.
  4. Discard an unwanted card and draw back to 6.
  5. Audit another player – each player can do this only once per game.

Fraud has been thoroughly play-tested, improved and refined over 10 years from initial beta launch in 2010 until this final game release. Fraud uses some of the similar game mechanics of Mille Bornes, the attacking, defending style card game that is listed in the GAMES Magazine Hall of Fame. Fraud is fun, simple to learn, and takes only 30 minutes to play. The game combines strategy and luck and satirizes corporate greed and white-collar crime.

—description from the publisher

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