Genoa Board Game Review

Genoa Board Game: “This is a reprint of the classic Traders of Genoa. It has a larger box and competely new graphics, but the important elements of gameplay remain the same. This is a game of trading, wares, and negotiation. The players take the roles of traders in Genoa in the 16th century. They fulfill orders, deliver messages, and take ownership of buildings in the city. Of course, this is not possible without the help of the other traders – thus, the need for clever negotiation. And that can cost money and other valuable goods! The player who earns the most in the game is the winner” Filosofia Games

What’s Cool:

  • Nice production quality.
  • Great player interaction.
  • Good strategy mechanics.
  • Easy to teach and play.
  • Nice rulebook.

What’s Not:

  • Game can become long when too much arguing is going on.
  • Can’t be played too late at night… some screaming might occur (Depending on group)

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