Go for Broke Quick Retro Review

First produced in 1965, Go for Broke was a board game that came as a direct response to Monopoly. Instead of making money in this game though, the object is to lose it all, as you might have gathered from the name of the game. Given a theme of being in a casino, you play casino games and partake in other money making schemes along the way. Obviously, it isn’t just Monopoly in reverse – putting all your money into each property you land on would allow for a rather dull game. You’re forced to invest in real estate, play on casino games and such, and of course you can win, which adds to your total rather than deducts.
So there’s the general premise, on to the more technical gaming details of Go for Broke. It’s not very technical at all really, it’s a simple roll and move game, therefore mainly governed by luck. The most exciting part of the game is the presence of some small casino and other gambling props on which you play when you land on a certain square. This obviously adds another element of luck, so if you’re after a game with some skill this isn’t the one for you. There’s about as much skill involved in this as there is when you play roulette at a place like MobileCasinoCanada.ca for real money .
That being said, if you’re up for an old-fashioned, pre Euro-game generation game then Go for Broke can be a bit of easy fun, and often comes without the tension and sheer animosity that seems to come along with every Monopoly game that is played, ever. The props, though maybe a little gimmicky, add to this game so that it is more than just your simple roll and move game. They include four “spinny” type games including one for a roulette wheel, one for a horse racing track, one for the stock market and one representing a slots machine.

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