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Hitman Holiday


From the Creators: Ten assassins gathered in one resort. Only one gets to be called the Number One Killer. Enough said.
Hitman Holiday is game of deduction and strategy where as many as up to 10 players take on the roles of ten of the deadliest assassins mankind has ever known. Gathered at the world’s most beautiful resort, otherwise known as Paradise, they are out to play a game of death in a bid to eliminate competition in business as well as claim the much coveted title of Number One.
A truly unique game, one may say it is what happens when Cluedo meets Battlestar Galactica meets Werewolf. The game begins with each player having a secret target to assassinate. The fun part is that the targets do not know yet which player is targeting them. This means that while you are trying to find a way to secretly kill off your assigned target, somewhere out there among the players is also someone trying to kill you, and it is up to you to find out who before it is too late! This is all done at the resort, which provides a ton of ways to kill someone, such as shoving them off a balcony, or dropping that accidental flower pot from 3 storeys above. The game also takes on a different angle from the generic James Bond killer image, presenting its killers from all walks of life, even including old women and innocent looking young ladies. Instead of purely guns, they also use almost anything around the resort, turning innocent objects into lethal weapons.
This game is highly recommended for players who enjoy hidden actions, and having to deduce who is killing who based on clues that drop now and then. Observing how each player behaves on the board also gives away clues sometimes as to whether or not they are your assigned killer. A must-have for assassin fans!

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