How to get your Fallout DLC items back – FALLOUT 3 LOST ITEMS / DISAPPEARED ITEMS



I am putting this on my blog because I can’t find it anywhere else on the net… and it’s useful!

How to get your Fallout DLC items back!

So some of you might have loaded your game by accident and found out that most or all you DLC items are gone! Well I found a fix for that on my XBOX. However, it will only work if you did NOT save over the save game where you did have the items.


To fix this problem, you need to find out which Account/User you used to buy the DLC or INSTALLED the DLC.

On the main XBOX Dashboard, press Square on Fallout 3 to open the game’s options.

Look for extras/downloads and make sure that the DLC items have a CHECK MARK instead of a Price.

This means that the DLC is installed on that account. If not, you need to check which account/user on your XBOX has the DLC Downloaded to it.


When you find the Account, start the game using that account/user.


Using another controller, sign in with the account/user that has the lost items.

With that same controller, start the game at the tittle screen and choose your hard drive.


Click on DOWNLOADS and see if the DLCs appear in the list.

If they do, you can now load that saved game with missing items and you should have your items back!



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