Masquerade Card Game Review

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Masquerade Card Game:

Players are powerful entities struggling to dominate the world, but because they are so powerful, the world will collapse if they battle directly. Instead, they created a game called “The Masquerade”, the stage where their chosen heroes do battle to determine who will control the world. The heroes, or Dancers, visit different Stages and perform various acts such as casting Spells, or challenging other Dancers or Guardians of magical treasures, all to further the strength of the entity that controls them.

What’s Cool:

  • Turn order is always different.
  • Small and Portable. (But needs a medium sized table)
  • Original idea and theme.
  • Your hit points are on your mask card.
  • Monsters have special items for you when you defeat them.
  • Good rulebook.

What’s Not:

  • The artwork isn’t impressive.
  • A little expensive at 15$ (Forbidden island is the same price, and you get a much better game)
  • Same art for all the spells and events.
  • One of the dancers is useless.


User Ratings:

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