Middle Kingdom Video Review

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Middle Kingdom Game Review:

Following the collapse of the Han Dynasty, warlords backed rival claimants to the CHinese throne, while others sought influence among the merchants, nobles, farmers, and bureaucrats. In this game, players blind bid each round to claim Dynasty cards in order to control the Emperor, Heir, Palace, Market, and Harvest. However, the heavens, in the guise of the Celestial Dragon, can disrupt the best-laid plans. The game ends as the Emperor dies and whoever gains the most influence will ascend the throne.

What’s Cool:

  • Goal cards which give you abilities.
  • Small and Portable. (But needs a medium sized table)
  • Good rule book with examples.

What’s Not:

  • That artwork isn’t impressive.
  • Not much replay value.

Neutral Info:

  • It’s a bidding game.
  • Check out Priests of RA for a great bidding game.

User Ratings:

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