Monster Card BLVD. Video Preview

Monster Card Blvd. is an epic 90 card, illustrated strategic card game. No two cards are alike. It is easy to learn, but hard to master. Each card is unique, featuring a silly, seductive or scary monster with a clever name to go with that specific monster’s theme. The game has been completed (aside from the two backer reward cards) and tested, and is extremely addicting!

Hi, my name is Charley Abrams, and I am a monster enthusiast. I wear many hats in the creative world, which have served me well for this one man band project. I am the artist, graphic designer, animator, voice actor, videographer and most importantly for all intents and purposes, monster card game creator!

It started about 4 years ago. I wanted a quick-to-learn, enjoyable, strategic game that brought the feel of spooky fun all year round! I found no games like this on the store shelves, or online, so as an artist, thinker, and creator, I sketched up the initial concept and set out to make my own. Fast forward to a whole lot of design, planning, testing, and drawing later, and we have what I would consider to be my modern-day monster-piece, Monster Card Blvd!

I have put my heart and soul into this game, so when I printed the prototype, I was thrilled to see my stepdaughter and friends loving it, so much so in fact, it was hard for me to get a chance to test it myself for the first week or so.

Working on this project has been a wonderful breath of inspiration in my life and as you can probably tell from my videos above, I have had a blast every inch of the way. I feel the creative juices flowing, and I do not want them to stop!

I’d like to thank all the people I have bounced ideas with, the game testers, my awesome family in the intro video, and everyone who has helped review my work. Now I am reaching out to the awesome people here at Kickstarter, and to all of you who have made it this far and to thank you in advance for supporting my game! You will have a blast playing it, this I guarantee!

The requested funding will cover printing the rewards and will help with out-of-pocket expenses I have used to develop and market the game thus far (so I am hoping it goes over to help cover that). Any additional funding will go to additional printing costs, marketing, improvement and expansion of the game, and expanding the sales of the game to various marketplaces.

Risks and challenges
I am a planner who likes to ensure success, which is why I have completed the game before I started this campaign. I am a professional artist and graphic/multimedia designer doing what I do best. The art is complete (aside from the two backer cards) with successful test runs and prototypes. The printer has communicated effectively and has met my high expectations of quality. I have set up all the mailing and distribution aspects to be available to send out as soon as the cards have been printed. I am prepared to get this game out there to you! Get ready for good times ahead— I know I am.

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