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Club seals, mance pasta (like a pastamancer), thiever accordions, all without the Internet—it’s Kingdom of Loathing in a box! Mr. Card Game is the official character building card game based upon the massive multiplayer online game Kingdom of Loathing.

mr card gameHow to Play

In Mr. Card Game, you play as Mr. Card Game, cousin to the (internet) famous Mr. Adventurer, the hero of the Kingdom of Loathing. Mr. Card Game is a rule-breaking, cross-classing monster killer on a quest to free King Ralph XI from the Naughty Sorceress. Using the equipment and stat cards you begin with, you will take on the monsters of the kingdom which stand in between you and the Naughty Sorceress. With each monster you kill, you will gain better stat cards and equipment as well as meat, the coin of the realm, which you can use to train the skills that will help you defeat bigger and nastier monsters. When you feel you’re finally ready, you can call a march on the Sorceress’ Tower. In this collective assault on the villainess of the Kingdom, whoever contributes the most to the victory against the Naughty Sorceress earns the right to free the King, therein winning the game and the right to lord it over his or her friends (friends not included with game).

Design Notes

The gameplay in Mr. Card Game is a hybrid of deck building and tableau management. Each player begins with a deck of one point stats and a set of basic newbie gear. On your turn, you have the opportunity to select one of the monsters on top of the location draft piles to kill. By defeating a monster, you receive a new item (displayed on the reverse side of the monster card) to add to your tableau, a new stat card to add to your deck and meat tokens you can use on subsequent turns to draft skills. Since monsters have different strengths and each provides a unique combination of item, stat gain and meat, each turn impacts the choices and capacities you will have on subsequent turns.

Strategically, Mr. Card Game is a game of drafting, not only drafting skills and items, but also the stat cards necessary to support those skills and items and use them most effectively. You want to plot a course through the locations in the game which maximizes the synergy of the skill and item cards you draft into your tableau with the stat cards you draft into your deck. Tactically, the game relies upon your management of your tableau, when to use or sell items, and how effectively you craft the hand of cards necessary to defeat your target or perhaps even win the game.

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