MY Shitty Family Board Game Review

“The party game of family dysfunction and awkward conversation!”

My Shitty Family is a social deduction party game for four to twelve players!

First, players will randomly pick one of twelve original Shitty Family members. Players will assume the role of this character for the entire game. There are six male characters and six female characters that players will potentially role-play.

Second, secretly draw one of twelve Hidden Trait cards. These cards give your character more depth. Some are harmless, while some are just plain shitty. The trait card may define your sexuality, religious or political background, or define your awful prejudice. These traits will mold how you subtly discuss random topics throughout the game.

Next, you will randomly draw a Shitty Habit card that remains public to all other players. These habits can be added to your role-play throughout the game to increase your chance of winning. Examples of habits are mouth breathing, always checking your phone, annoying laugh, etc.From this point on all players will discuss ten random Shitty Topics from their perceived character’s personality.

To win, engage in lively discussions, complete various tasks, and figure out what personality types the other players are portraying. Who’s the shittiest? That’s up to you to find out!

—description from the designer

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