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“Without a doubt, the retro beat-em-up theme and the chosen game mechanics are a match made in radioactive heaven. -Buns, The League of Nonsensical Gamers”

neon city rumbleN30N City RUMBLE (NCR) is a two-player “beat ’em up” card game that simulates 5-on-5 tag team combat between mutant martial artists in a radically dystopian 90s setting!

Each turn, you’ll trade for cards at a pawn shop, tag your fighters on and off the tarmac, and then engage the opponent using martial arts, super-moves, and a wide variety of items, all of which are inspired by classic arcade games. Knock out all of your opponent’s fighters until only yours remain to win the game!


38 extraordinary Fighters based on popular videogames from the 90s
44 interchangeable Brawl cards straight out of a fighting arcade game
54 unique items and weapons that belong on the street… of rage
5 additional game modes, including solo play for practicing moves
12 dice to throw across a sprawling 22×22 inch playmat









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