RAMPAGE: The Board Game Video




The purpose of the game is to play big monsters destroying a town and eating his inhabitants (meeples).

There are 6 kind of meeples :
– blue (journalists),
– green (military),
– yellow (blonde),
– grey (old people),
– red (heroes),
– black.

You can destroy buildings and eat meeples by :
– finger-flicking your monster and hit meeples,
– blowing on meeples,
– dropping your monster on a building in order to destroy it and free the meeples inside the building,
– hitting another monster and stealing his trophies.

For each serie of 6 different meeples eaten, you get points.
For each floor of a building destroyed, you get points.
The player with the most points is the winner.

You can combine several boxes for playing with more than 4 players.

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