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In Scrapyard Empire, the wealthy and eccentric inventor, Sir Winston Derbyshire dies, with no heir to inherit his vast estate, including its expansive scrapyard. In his will, he announces a competition for the inheritance that anyone may enter. The rules are simple: build two of his amazing inventions using parts found in the scrapyard. The first person to build them wins the entire estate, as well as the prestige that is earned in winning the contest.

The game comes with over 150 cards, divided into four decks: Characters, Inventions, Small Machines and Parts. Watch the video to see how to collect sets of cards in your hand to build the inventions needed to win this game. The artwork and theme create a steampunk theme that fans of this genre will appreaciate.

The main game is for 2-4 players, and there is a solo mode where one player may play against the deck. There is a dice mechanic that may be offset by discarding extra Parts cards. For example, if an action requires a 4,5,6 to be successful and you roll a 2, then you can discard 2 cards to add to your roll and it now becomes successful. Want to learn more? Play the video and if you like it, head over to Kickstarter and back the project.


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