Scurvy Dogs Board Game Video Review

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Scurvy DogsIt’s the golden age of piracy, where cutthroats and scurvy dogs sail the seas and raid villages in search of plunder. But before they run afoul with the local government, they must rush to pay the Governor and the King a hefty tax to go from pirate to privateer.

Scurvy Dogs: Pirates and Privateers is a competitive game for 2 to 8 players. Would-be pirates start off with a ship and the location of a near-by shipwreck. They can loot the bones of dead ships for a little bit of gold and some supplies, setting up their crew for a run at pirate legitimacy.

As their fame and treasure pile grow, they can take on Booty Challenges to gain gold, crew, supplies and upgraded ships. They can raid Spanish fortresses or kill the Kraken. But they must also beware the Spanish Armada, the British authorities and other pirates. The main goal is to be the pirate with A) the most gold and B) a head still attached to a neck.


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