Sector Prime Game Preview

sector prime game boxSector Prime is a fast paced 4X board game using a balanced dice rolling mechanic that avoids a runaway winner and also keeps the game exciting and balanced right to the end. The unique design of the tiles provides a completely new game board each time, requiring players to adapt the strategies each time they play!

Each player represents a mining faction seeking to control the mining rights to the sector. You need to control enough planetary systems to mine the needed materials to complete the construction of your Mining Station
In each turn there are 3 phases:

(1) Explore.
By a roll of the dice move your mining drones to new planet tiles.

(2) Expand or Exterminate.
You must choose to either invade and attack another mining faction OR to build defences, new routes of exploration or a section of your Station thus bringing you one step closer to victory.

(3) Exploit.
In this phase you gather the results of your mining operations. You can simply gather the minimum OR you can gamble by pushing your drones produce double. Be careful, because this isn’t always successful.

The first player to complete construction of their Station wins the game!

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